Christmas Party – Afternoon Style

Greetings!  I’m just about to head off to my first Christmas Party of 2013.  Well, sort of.  It’s a party in one of my modules, to wrap up the semester, but being only from 3-5pm and just at Uni, I’ve dressed Christmas Casual with just a little bit of sparkle.

ImageTop – Zara

Skirt – Topshop via Ebay

Leggings – Florence and Fred

Boots – Nine West

ImageMake up – Everday with Bronze Eye Shadow

Turquoise – Barry M Gelly Hi-Shire in Greenberry

Coral – Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Passionfruit

It’s certainly no where near my winter and wine wish list (, but it is technically winter and there will be wine (even at parties between 3-5pm!).  Off I pop!  Laters.




Edinburgh ’12

Wayay, it’s Edinburgh!  Oop no, that’s Newcastle.  Edinburgh 2012, 4 days of rain, wind, cold, wine, culture, laughing, relaxing, walking, feet hurting, shopping and dancing.  Uh-may-zing.  Snaps and stories.



So if you can keep up: beautiful Castle, lots of Fringe frolics – a Lionel Richie sticker that we found EVERYWHERE; cars, bins, buses, you name it – the Zoo = I’ve actually been to two this year but it was just gorgeous, set high on a hill, beautiful views, beautiful animals, my favorites were the zebras – the two actors at the Edinburgh Literary Pub Tour, cue two hours of wandering around Edinburgh drinking listening to two mad Scots bang on about books and shiz, crazy! – The Royal Mile in the rain – HMY Brittania, Royal Brittania Yacht where the Queen would live travelling around the world, we saw her bed (which was actually pretty weird!) as well as where Wills was conceived (even weirder!) – getting a sleeper train, SO much fun – seeing Lavender Brown do the Fringe === uh-may-zing.

And some Scottish Style:


Floral Denim Bomber Jacket – Vintage Thai Market.     Oversized Tee – Thai Market.     Leggings – Topshop.

Tee – H and M.     Skirt – Topshop.     Tights – BHS.     Boots –  New York.

Scarf – Zara.     Denim Waistcoat – French Connection (Charity Shop).     Dress – Fat Face.     Trousers – Zara.     Pumps – Office.

Laters Edinburgh!  It’s been fun.

Ebay Selling: Bits and Bobs Central

So I’ve only actually been selling my bits and bobs on Ebay for a few months now, but I’m doing pretty well and have so far made a turnover of about £50 from all my clothes, old paintings and nick nacks.  It’s definitely worth doing.  You’re only allowed to sell 10 items every month so at the end of each month (or whenever really) I’ll dig through my wardrobe and scout around my room for things I don’t wear anymore, don’t need and don’t use.  Pop them on Ebay and boom!  So far there’s only been one thing that hasn’t sold.  So here’s a tutorial on selling things on Ebay:

Step 1)  Take a Photo (or a few)


This is your chance to showcase your item.  I’ve heard that products that are displayed on mannequins sell faster and for more money but alas I do not have one.  So hangers on a plain background like a door or a wall I find are best.  Make sure you take a full photo of the item, plus a photo of any impurities (stains, holes etc), a picture of any defining features (for example the rouched sleeves) and then the label.  I think the label is quite an important one because so often people can claim a dress is Topshop when its not.  Make sure you check for labels!

Step 2) Details

Once you’ve uploaded all your photos and filled out the simple questions like what category your item comes into and the size of it (if it’s clothing) you’ll have to write a short description.  Just highlighting any cool bits about it and whether its new or used will do really.

3)  Submit and voila!

In terms of things like postage price, there’s a link to a Royal Mail calculator which is helpful.  I often find that 1 week is the best time to list your items for, any longer you as the seller can lose interest in selling them (cause it is quite a lot of work once they’ve sold, chasing payments and heading to the post office etc, especially for busy people).  So it’s pretty simple really, and you reap the rewards in cold hard cash.  Lovely :)


The Days of Easter

Hello everyone!  How was your Easter?  Mine was absolutely beautiful!  Snaps and stories:

This is my beautiful nephew Jacob with an Easter egg (and me looking like a numpty in the background).  I’m wearing Top: Urban Outfitters.  Jeans: Urban Outfitters.  Jacob wears the most gorgeous smile in the world.

And on Easter Monday we popped to Worthing for the day for a glorious seaside outing.  But the weather was .. rubbish!  I wear Scarf – Zara   Blazer – H and M   Bag – Topshop   Maxi Skirt – Florence and Fred  Again, numpty.

This is the boyfriend and I out at the pub, and due to my odd angle, you can’t really see what I’m wearing … so I won’t bother explaining it to you!

In short, I had a gorgeous Easter, and hope you did too.  I’m back to Uni today so will blog soon with more fun and frolics!  <3