Welcome to the 200th post of Bella’s Bits!  I quite like milestones like this, little as they may be.  It gives one a chance to quietly reflect on achievements.  For this, I’ll do as I did for 100 posts in the making and share with you some of my favourite pieces of writing and posts from the last couple of years.

Way back when in 2012, I wrote a couple of letters to my camera, which got an amazing response (view by clicking here).  One reader even told me I made them cry!  This was a piece of writing that was very much just me sitting down by myself and pouring out all my thoughts and emotions, albeit about a camera!  Fortunately, I found said camera a few days later and welcomed it back into my life with open arms here.

These last 100 posts have also seen my documents of various travels, along with #OOTDs to match.  You can read about Thailand, Australia, Cyprus and Paris by clicking.

Another post which had a good response was this one titled X Factor Humble Pie.  It involved my tipsy twitter ramblings whilst watching The X Factor a couple of years back, followed by sober reflections.  It speaks for itself really.

A couple of posts that I feel really showcase my style of writing include Social Media Madness and Bella Evening, the latter of which I almost titled ‘The Importance of Being Alone’.  I love this style of post, but I have to be in a certain kind of mood to write like this.  These just go to show how much life influences writing, and vice versa almost and how living and loving your life is the most important thing of all, and if that inspires writing, well it’s just a bonus really.

And finally, a post I’m most proud of is rather personal to me, 2013 an amazing year.  This was a rundown of all the accomplishments I’d achieved that year and even reading it now makes me swell with pride and emotion.  I believe that reflection is such a key part to progression and moving forward.  Sometimes, when you’re stuck in a rut or unsure of where life is headed, looking back can provide you with the motivation you need.  Being proud and happy of what you’ve achieved in the past can refocus your direction in life and remind yourself that you can do anything.  And that’s what this post did for me.

So a very happy 200 posts to Bella’s Bits, here’s to the next 200!


Explanation Part 6

Who would have thought there would have been 6 occasions where I have a wee apology to you lovely readers for not posting?  Well, I certainly thought it might be the case.  For me, blogging is a hobby, its something I love doing; writing and creating (hopefully) exciting and intriguing posts for you all to read … but its certainly not my life.  Its not my life, its not my job, its just something I do.  Life is far bigger than this blog.

The first thing that happened is I went to Scotland.  Ohh yes, I popped on up to John O’Groates and it was wonderful.  And then when I got home full of inspiration and ideas, my internet decided to stop working .. for 12 days.  Terrific timing.  Anyway, since the internet has been back up and running I’ve just been so busy.  I’ve had a few London days out, headed to Royal Ascot, been to a Boat Party, had my bi-annual Dance Show … life has been pretty hectic.  Hopefully I can fill you all in on it over the coming weeks.

For now … fall in love with life, I dare you.

Fall in love.

Fall in love.

Bella’s Bits – 100 posts in the making!

This is officially my 100th post on my blog, how time flies.  Just a month of so ago my blog turned 2 years old and I had a tiny party to myself with two little candles.  Yes, Bella can sometimes be a teensy bit lame.  So to commemorate this landmark in blogging history I thought I would share with you some of my favourite and most iconic posts to take you back to yesterday and see just how much my writing, oh, and my life, has changed.


Bare faced or made up - I'm a happy girl either way.

https://bellasbits.wordpress.com/2010/02/23/why-i-dont-wear-make-up/ = Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

This post saw me writing about my dislike for make up and how I never wear it which and was a post that gave me a lot of likes, comments and interesting conversations; even a recommendation to another blog.  In the two years since I’ve wrote this, I’ve changed somewhat.  I now enjoy make up.  I invest in the good stuff, MAC and Bobbi Brown and enjoy the process of applying it and knowing I look nicer for it.  But I still never wear it in the day time, only ever for events and nights out.  I have to say this wasn’t so true when  I first got to Uni and was very single and didn’t know anybody.  For a week or two, I spent the odious twenty minutes every morning putting it on, masking myself in slap to try and feel happier and more confident in lectures with so many new people and new experiences.  But after a couple of weeks I met my boyfriend, didn’t really care anymore and landed back at square one.  And I’m a very happy girl for it.


https://bellasbits.wordpress.com/2010/03/04/annabels-fashion-week-part-1/  https://bellasbits.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/annabels-fashion-week-part-2/ = Annabel’s Fashion Week

March 2010 inspired me to take pictures of myself every day and post them, an absolutely exhausting task.  I still have SO much respect for the beautiful fashion blogs I follow that do this every day.  I feel that through this post I demonstrated who I was a lot more.  I’m a chameleon; lots of people have said that to me.  One day I can be a grungy rock chick, the next day I can be a colourful hippy and the day after I can be sporty spice.  I think that it my style in itself and I think I did well demonstrating that in this post, and since.  Earlier this year I took to posting my outfits again, and nothing has changed!  I’ve never been skinny, I never will be skinny so I will never wear tiny shorts and leotards and converse and look perfect; my legs would look stubby.  Give me palazzo pants and a crop top any day.  This blog gives me an outlet to show off what I wear, because let’s face it, we all love a bit of a show off.  Fashion and what I wear has and will always be a huge part of my life and outlet to show the world who I am, so whilst the fashion itself may be a bit random and crazy, so is its author.

https://bellasbits.wordpress.com/2010/05/14/if-i-were-a-boy/ = If I Were A Boy

I think this post is really where I got into the swing of writing, and started to really enjoy it.  I actually realised for the first time I can be funny when I write, something I lack in real life.  The man is sometimes bewildered by it.  He thinks I’m so witty and comical on this blog sometimes, and how odd it is that it doesn’t transfer to real life.  Cheers babes.  I’m proud of my writing, and again, this is a great way for me to practice writing and show what I can do.  I don’t know who reads this, I don’t know if anybody reads this.  But the occasional retweets, comments and likes give me the drive and motivation to keep writing and to keep doing what I’m doing.  So cheers.

So I think they are some of my favourite and most iconic posts I’ve written over the last 100.  Here’s to the next 100!  Have a beautiful day.

The Day I Celebrated with Beer and Meatballs

BOOM!  Exams are OVER.  At least my brain thinks they are, I actually still have one left, a multiple choice exam next week … but I’m done writing .. so yay!  To celebrate this wondrous day I headed to Ikea and drank beer and ate meatballs.  It was flipping wonderful.  Here’s what I wore:

The shirt from Urban Outfitters says ‘Under the same sky, dreaming the same dream’  At a tenner, I thought it was a goodun for dance.  The trousers are also Urban Outfitters and are perfect for work or the monochrome look.  And standard red converse, obviously.  Have a good day!

Simple Diary

That’s what it is, simple.  I’ve been keeping a diary since 6th March 2002, that’s more or less every day for ten years.  In case you’re interested, I remember the date because it was my then boyfriend (I was 9 and in love, okay?!) ‘s birthday and I needed to write down how much I lurrrvveedd him on the Year 5 school trip.  Standard.  However, it was only in the summer in the Tate Art Gallery shop that I discovered this little beauty … The Simple Diary:

This bad boy, is the Simple Diary.  It’s flipping amazing.  On days you just can’t really be bothered to write down your life story, what you ate for lunch and who’s digging on who, this little bad boy helps you right out …

You guys are more than capable of reading this for yourself, but I just love the quote ‘Thank you for your time.  It’s all yours.’  Hell yes it is!  As much as I love writing down my thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences … yada yada yada all the rest of it.  I need to LIVE in order to WRITE.  Thank you Philipp Keel, you are a right ledge.

Hey, I never said I could draw.  I had to flick through quite a few pages before I found one I could publish, bummer the only one with no juicy goss was the one with my rubbish drawings. Aha.  So here’s a cheeky example of La ‘Simple Diary’.  It’s awesome, get one.  Laters!


Love and Longevity

Hey guys, thought I’d share my recent entry into Clothes Show Live’s Young Journalist of the Year competition.  I’d be a fool and unambitious to say I don’t expect anything, I worked hard on this and I really enjoyed writing it so I hope you guys enjoy it :)

Love and Longevity

What fashion item(s) would I buy with £500?  Geez, put a girl on the spot much?!  My mind is instantly swarmed with a kaleidoscope of ASOS knitwear, Office’s new boot collection and Mulberry handbags.  But what would I actually buy?!

My Mother has long drummed into me the importance of longevity in fashion, spending perhaps £100 on a good quality classic that will last for 100 years, maybe an item for each season?  Winter, it would have to be a luxury cashmere scarf.  Cuddled up inside with a cup of tea or strolling around London town in skinnys, Doc Martins and a duffle coat; a classic scarf in camel or grey would go with anything and last for years.  It would suit me at 19 or 79.

Spring, I would love to invest in a multitude of vintage tea dresses.  Comfortable, classic and classy, tea dresses can be worn with pumps, heels, boots; one of the most versatile of fashion items. I’d purchase patterns of prints, floral and colour pop to create virtually every fashion trend from the last 5 years in one item.  A cheeky rummage in my Grandma’s jewellery drawer and I can mix and match to create hundreds of outfits.  Voila!

Summer, undoubtedly my favourite fashion season.  The legs come out, or do they…?  For me, maxi skirts are my best friend when I can’t be bothered to shave my legs or compete with size 8 hotties.  I’d like a pleated chiffon maxi skirt, similar to the ones popping up at Urban Outfitters and Reiss.  Worn with crop tops, bikini tops or tasselled tops, a chic alternative to baring all.

And Autumn, the beautiful season as I write.  It’s definitely getting chillier on my walks home and I am finding myself in desperate need of a fluffy trilby, once with a bit of a stretch to it to yank down over my ears.  Perhaps in a deep turquoise colour, to go with denim or a giant cardie, to be worn with messy pig tails, a side pony, or hey, just hair plain loose.

My final stop would be the beautiful charity shops of Chelsea.  Yes, a bit controversial I know.  I’d scour back streets high and low, handing over £10 to £50 for vintage Chanel blazers and leather satchels for nights out.  So now I don’t feel so guilty, but why should I?  We’re women; we earn the right to treat ourselves every single day!

So £500, a lot of money for a mere student such as myself.  I could treat myself with a standard Topshop splurge of heels and waistcoats, tops and jeans that would last me … all of a year of two.  But then I’ll start work and step into the realms of the ‘twenties’, where I actually have to start dressing for my age.  I want to invest, invest in quality items that will last me for years and years, that I can show off and hand down to my children, become family emblems of love and hope, and be the best fashion education I can possibly give them, just like I had.

By Annabel McKnespiey

So maybe it’s not top class writing, punchy and witty or overflowing with humor, but it’s me.  I read some other entries and they were incredible, I could have competed, but in order to do that I would have had to change my style of writing, which I really didn’t want to do.  So here’s me, here’s the truth … and here’s hoping I win!