July Verbs

Well look at us.  We’ve made it to the second half of the beautiful year 2014.  Part 1 flew by, but writing monthly updates like this really help me see what I’ve been up to.  Here’s July:

Watching: Hemlock Grove

Another Netflix original here, with a creepy storyline and a stunning cast.  I’m about 6 episodes in and I have to be honest, am still not quite sure what it’s about, but I’m loving every minute of it.  It’s absolutely captivating TV and Bill Skarsgard is beaut.

Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove

Reading: The Wedding Girl – Madeleine Wickham

Madeleine Wickham is an excellent author, also writing under the name Sophie Kinsella, who brought us the Shopaholic series.  She writes small and easy novels that are girly, gossipy and make you giggle.  They’re light fun reads that fit nicely in a handbag for the train and that you think about all day.  Would definitely recommend.

The Wedding Girl - Madeleine Wickham

The Wedding Girl – Madeleine Wickham

Listening To: Embers – Just Jack

I heard this beaut in the back of a Gossip Girl episode (yep, that’s still happening) and immediately whipped out my Soundhound app to hear what it was.  I was pleased to know this stunning track is on Spotify and it’s been on replay pretty much ever since.  A gorgeous song.



Wearing on my Body: Havaianas

I bought my black bejewelled Havis in Australia last year, after I fell in love with the same pair which my cousin owned.  In this gorgeous weather, they haven’t been off my feet.  Being black they go with anything, are super comfy and make whatever nail polish I’m rocking pop.



Wearing on my Face: Instablur

My love affair with Benefit’s Porefessional has come to an end.  I’d read a lot about this Body Shop product Instablur on beauty blogs, so thought I’d give it a go, and we’ve embarked on a fully fledged fling.  It’s a very odd consistency I must admit, but really does minimise pores and act as a great priming base for both foundation and powder.  Again, would definitely recommend.



Eating: Leeks

Leeks are one of my all-time favourite vegetables and are currently in season, meaning they’re much cheaper and better for the environment than if you bought them at another time of year.  Leeks feature at least daily in my diet this time of year, being great on a roasting tray of vegetables, fried up with some peas and bacon for a side dish, or an ingredient in a healthy vegetable packed soup.  Beaut of a veg.



Drinking: Coconut Water

I remember in Thailand we’d drink fresh coconut water every single day.  Back in England however, I was greeted with unattractive cartons and even more unattractive prices.  So I was absolutely thrilled to see M and S have launched a coconut water in a great sized bottle (currently on offer too!).  It’s light, refreshing and almost tastes as good as the real thing!

Yes Please!

Yes Please!

What have you been up to this July?

January Verbs

Welcome to my new feature!  I’ve decided to combine my loves and likes of style of life, beauty and fashion and create a cheeky new feature about my doing activities for every month.  Here’s hoping I stick to it, and can give you all some inspiration for stuff to do for the month ahead.

Watching: 24

24 is a series (FYI Series 1) I think boyfriend and I began in 2012, but we got very bored and neg about it.  Whilst the real time idea is genius, it’s also tedious, and quite frankly, the storylines are just ridiculous.  Nevertheless, we persevered, finally finishing Season 1 of 24 a few nights ago.  I’m pleased we did, there were definitely a few heart pumping moments in the last few episodes.  Netflix does however inform us there are a grand total of 193 (which isn’t even a multiple of 24?!?!?) episodes on Netflix, which is a frightening concept, so we’ve decided to leave 24 for now.



Reading: The Racketeer by John Grisham

This book (crime/law/whodunit genre) is completely outside my reading comfort zone.  I actually found it brand new on a train with no owner in sight, so decided to give it a loving home.  A couple of weeks ago I spotted it on my shelf, and needing a lightweight book for the commute, grabbed it and left.  It was excellent!  I really enjoyed it; it was so interesting all about the ‘justice’ system in the States and with a real twist at the end.  I’m definitely going to read some more Grisham books in the future.

The Racketeer by John Grisham

The Racketeer by John Grisham

Listening To: Spotify Top Lists

This is such a great playlist, it really is.  I’m a Spotify free user (I can’t quite part with the monthly outgoings when all I have to endure is a WKD advert interrupting my Kesha flow) and quite frankly, haven’t got round to making my own playlists.  I like pop and I’m not ashamed of it, it’s like a permanent updating UK Top 40, for free!

Spotify Top Lists

Spotify Top Lists

Wearing: My new Mantaray Cardigan

I’ve been wearing a beautiful new, cream knitted cardigan I was given for Christmas (but actually picked out last June!).  Because it’s cream it goes with every outfit, and it’s big, oversized and is so good to snuggle into when it gets cold!


Wearing on my face: No7 Bronzer

In this dull, drab weather I keep clicking through old holiday photos where the weather was warm and beautiful.  Thailand, Australia, Cyrpus, Turkey … sigh.  Since body fake tan looks utterly horrendous on me, I have to do what I can to fake it on my face.  My trusty No7 does the trick, and with some sneaky contouring tricks I learnt backstage at the dance show, my face looks slimmer (I hope!) with more colour.

No7 Bronzer

No7 Bronzer

Eating: Pickled Onions

I’ve recently come to realisation (albeit 10 years too late) that unhealthy snacks are not only really bad for you, but they’re also really expensive.  Pickled onions are a great snack and satisfy that need to crunch on things.  Drained from all their vinegar, they’re cheap and healthy.  Healthier than Pickled Onion flavoured Monster Munch anyway!

Pickled Onions


Drinking: Twinings Mint Humbug

My university campus is a 5 minute walk away from Twinings Tea Headquarters.  I went in there a couple of weeks ago for some free samples and couldn’t resist buying the Mint Humbug tea bags.  They’re in the style of Teapigs, with a netted pyramid shape tea bag and the flavour is just unreal.  Healthy, great in taste, and a good alternative to wine on cold evenings!

Mint Humbug

What have you been doing this January?

Musical Palette

I love music.  Who doesn’t?!  I’m a complete chameleon when it comes to most of my life, my fashion, my plans, my diet … why not my musical palette?  I’ve blogged a bit about music in the past, my favourite things, what I’m listening to.  Here’s just a big old round up of my music life, right, now.

1)  8 Tracks

8 tracks is basically a giant mix tape that anyone can contribute to.  Since I’ve used up my free trials on Spotify AND LastFM (boo!) and I’m too stingy to buy a membership for either, 8 tracks has become a new favourite.  You search the playlists by artist or tag.  My favourite tags include ‘summer’, ‘pre-drinking’ and ‘chill’.  It’s great combination playlists too, check out Disney versus Hip Hop for giggles.

2)  Anti-ITunes

Okay, maybe ANTI I-Tunes is a bit harsh.  We all know that I’m a complete technophobe.  My ideas of being able to use a computer are facebooking, blogging and the odd word document.  So when it turned out my computer was essentially full, stuff had to go and I picked my music collection (well, there was no way that the photos were going!).  I’ve been feeling this for a while actually.  Having a music collection, be it records, CDs or digital, is becoming increasingly more outdated.  Websites where you share music and can listen to stuff for free really are the way forward.  Anyone got anymore they can let me know about?!

3)  UK Top 40

I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m a UK Top 40 kind of girl.  Maybe a couple of years ago, I would, but now, I just don’t care.  I like whatever is current.  I don’t have a favourite band or artist and I regularly go night clubbing.  And the places I go night clubbing (gosh I hate that, I feel so old!) are just a general mix match of good, current, up to date songs which I am exposed to on the radio (big up SURGE!), in the shops, online, and clubbing.  RIGHT now, my favourites include:

  • Rita Ora – How We Do (song OF Thailand, baby!)
  • Maroon 5 – Payphone
  • Stooche – Black Heart
  • fun. – We Are Young
  • Train – Drive By

I told you; chameleon!

4)  Fast Car

One of my all time favourite songs.  Other than the fact for about 10 years I was convinced that Tracy Chapman was a man (come on, the deep voice, the dreads, the leathers..?!) until one fateful evening where I learnt the truth (I still haven’t quite got over it), I do know every word, know every meaning and feel every syllable.  Sometimes a song comes along that just touches your heart, and to me, this is one of them.

5)  N-Dubz

Okay, so this is potentially one I should be a tiny bit embarrassed about.  But nope, N-Dubz til the end!  It’s only actually this summer that I’ve discovered my love for them.  The hilarious lyrics, the sarcastic comments, the weird background noises – listening to them (in particular, their Greatest Hits album) is pure comedy.

6)  Live Lounge

You know, maybe not Live Lounge.  Maybe, just covers in general.  I freaking love them.  I think it originates from shower singing, not just singing another artist’s song, but putting your swing on it.  Live Lounge and Covers showcase artists completely differently to how we perceive them, which is generally by their songs, their music videos and occasionally the odd interview.  Covers give them to opportunity to mix it up and prove that they actually are musical artists, ARTISTS being the buzz word.  And most of the time, they succeed.

7)  Walk Off The Earth cover Somebody That I Used To Know

Now this, this is incredible.  As per always, I don’t know if my tecnhology has worked, so if it hasn’t please please follow the link and take the 4/5 minutes to watch this.  It will change your life.  Uh-may-zing.

So in terms of my music life, RIGHT NOW, that pretty much sums it up.  What do you guys dig?