Welcome to the 200th post of Bella’s Bits!  I quite like milestones like this, little as they may be.  It gives one a chance to quietly reflect on achievements.  For this, I’ll do as I did for 100 posts in the making and share with you some of my favourite pieces of writing and posts from the last couple of years.

Way back when in 2012, I wrote a couple of letters to my camera, which got an amazing response (view by clicking here).  One reader even told me I made them cry!  This was a piece of writing that was very much just me sitting down by myself and pouring out all my thoughts and emotions, albeit about a camera!  Fortunately, I found said camera a few days later and welcomed it back into my life with open arms here.

These last 100 posts have also seen my documents of various travels, along with #OOTDs to match.  You can read about Thailand, Australia, Cyprus and Paris by clicking.

Another post which had a good response was this one titled X Factor Humble Pie.  It involved my tipsy twitter ramblings whilst watching The X Factor a couple of years back, followed by sober reflections.  It speaks for itself really.

A couple of posts that I feel really showcase my style of writing include Social Media Madness and Bella Evening, the latter of which I almost titled ‘The Importance of Being Alone’.  I love this style of post, but I have to be in a certain kind of mood to write like this.  These just go to show how much life influences writing, and vice versa almost and how living and loving your life is the most important thing of all, and if that inspires writing, well it’s just a bonus really.

And finally, a post I’m most proud of is rather personal to me, 2013 an amazing year.  This was a rundown of all the accomplishments I’d achieved that year and even reading it now makes me swell with pride and emotion.  I believe that reflection is such a key part to progression and moving forward.  Sometimes, when you’re stuck in a rut or unsure of where life is headed, looking back can provide you with the motivation you need.  Being proud and happy of what you’ve achieved in the past can refocus your direction in life and remind yourself that you can do anything.  And that’s what this post did for me.

So a very happy 200 posts to Bella’s Bits, here’s to the next 200!


June Verbs

Can you believe we’re in the second half of the year?  As I mentioned in ‘Summer So Sneaky’, it only feels like a few weeks ago I was snuggled in my onesie with candles and a cuppa.  But no, 6 whole months have flown by in the blink of an eye.  My ‘Verbs’ feature has actually really help me keep a track of what I’ve been up to!  Here’s June:

Watching: Gossip Girl

I’m guilty.  I craved.  I’m watching Gossip Girl for the THIRD time.  I just can’t get enough.  Every time I think I remember the storyline or what’s going to happen, there’s a twist, a new character, a new plot, or just something I didn’t see the first time around.  It’s addictive.

These Guys

These Guys

Reading: Blogs

Just cause I’ve been away from the blogging scene, doesn’t mean I haven’t been checking up on it.  I use a website called BlogLovin to keep up to date with all my favourite bloggers and writers who post about all sorts of topics, from all over the world.  I’d encourage you to sign up to not only keep up to date with my blog, but to see who I follow and discover some new and exciting authors.

A seriously good idea.

A seriously good idea.

Listening To: Ella Henderson – Ghost

I seriously can’t get enough of this song.  I was a huge fan of Ella during her time on the X Factor and her debut single is an absolute winner in my eyes.  For those of you who don’t know, I love to sing, so I’ve made a cheeky cover of this track.  Whilst I am by no means confident enough to share it with you, my style is quite similar to Ella (if I do say so myself!).  Have a listen and I guarantee it’ll be in your head before you know it!


Wearing on my body: Nine West Sandals

These beaut Nine West Sandals cost me around £60 three summers ago.  So the way I see it, that’s £20 per summer.  Not bad.  I can be seen wearing these in a few of my summery #OOTD posts, including my Cyprus series from last summer.  Comfy, cool and colourful.

Such a beaut brand.

Such a beaut brand.

Wearing on my face: Nothing

This June, I’ve ditched the foundation and been baring all.  There’s nothing worse than achieving a gorgeous summer glow and then not having correct make-up colouring to compliment it.  To stay on the safe side, I’ve barely been wearing any make-up thus far.  I’m allowing my skin to breathe and becoming naturally bronzed in the process!


Eating: Tesco Feta Dip and Bruschetta Snacks

Everyone knows I’m a bit of a cheese fanatic so when these beaut snacks of feta cheese joy landed in my local Tesco … I bought the lot.  I think I’m over my addiction now, but it certainly wouldn’t stop me buying them in the future.  Sweet, salty, tangy and bursting with flavour.  Go on, buy!

Seriously good!

Seriously good!

Drinking: Water

Lately, I’ve been getting quite bad headaches when I’ve been dehydrated.  So, I’ve been making sure I’m always carrying around chilled water reading to sip, glug or chug whenever necessary.  My skins clearer and my headaches have practically disappeared.

What did you get up to this June?




X Factor Humble Pie?

There’s something about family and friends coming together over a glass of wine or a beer in front of the TV on a Saturday night that makes Britain think they are judges.  Despite the fact that for the most part, we know absolutely nothing about the foxtrot or the samba, tone or pitch, or if and how she’s got her fake tan wrong; we love to think that we know it all, and further to that; have our say.  Whether this is through texting our friends, facebook statuses or twitter, Britain absolutely loves to have a good old bitch about what’s popping up on our TV screen.  And I’m no different.  Here’s what went down on my Twitter feed last night regarding ITV’s The X Factor:


I turned into a complete cow!  Who the hell do I think I am?  That being a blogger instantly makes my opinion worthy, that I am qualified to judge the voices, the appearance, the staging of these singers, these people?  It might have been the wine, but I didn’t half go off on one.  The thing is though, it’s not just me.  My entire Twitter feed was buzzing with bitchiness and brash comments about song choices, what whoever was wearing or a Judge’s comment.  Who do we think we are?!  Unless we are show business professionals, have sung on the X Factor ourselves or a have a Top 40 single,  we simply haven’t got a clue.  How would I feel if someone tweeted this way about me and my work?  Not too great, that’s for sure.  Whilst in the comfort of my own living room, I might yell and scream what I think at the TV, I think from now I’ll keep my tweeting to a minimum.  X Factor Humble Pie much?!

Bella’s Bits – Broadcast 1

I’m a DJ.  Yes that’s right, an official DJ.  As of yesterday and my first broadcast for Surge Radio (the University of Southampton’s student radio station) with my show Bella’s Bits, the best of lifestyle, culture and entertainment … I am officially a DJ!  So my first show went a bit like this …


‘We Found Love’ by Rihanna featuring Calvin Harris

A brief introduction of myself (2nd year geography student, and that’s all you need to know!), talking about what’s going on in Southampton, the best TV…  And chats about name changing!  Did you know Rihanna’s real name is Robyn?  Crazy!  So many people change their names these days, after all it is only £39 on the Inland Revenue.  Other celebrities (yes, I know these are a bit of the oldies) such as Cliff Richard’s real name is Harry Webb and Elton John’s real name is Reg Dwite.  So come on listeners, get involved, if you were going to change your name, what would it be to?

‘Rumour has it’ by Adele

It is SO sad that Adele has cancelled all her tour dates because of her throat, I was absolutely heartbroken when I heard that!  But speaking of names earlier, did you know that Adele’s middle name is Blue?  Mental!  So, Southampton, the city we live in, the city we love?  Get involved with what is happening in your city.  Last weekend was Halloween which was awesome, and this weekend is fireworks weekend.  So if you fancy an alternative night out, get yourselves down to Mayflower Park in the city where the Southampton fireworks are happening at just £6.  A really great night out.

‘Read All About It’ by Professor Green featuring Emeli Sande

I absolutely love that song!  It’s kind of like the new Eminem, Rihanna collaboration; it absolutely breaks your ears when you stop listening to it.  So, I’m going to be talking about my absolute favourite topic of the moment … The X Factor.  My housemates and I rarely go out on Saturdays and Sundays just so we can watch it (gosh, were so cool).  It’s had so many mixed reviews this year; some people say it’s been incredible, some people say it’s been awful.  I think incredible, yes the standard’s not been so high this year but I still think it’s amazing.  My favourites this year are controversially Kitty and Little Mix (Little Mix who used to be called Rhythmix until they had to change their name after a hoo hah regarding a Brighton Music Charity).  And I loved Sophie as well but she left last week, which personally I think it as a result of Kelly Rowland being ‘ill’.  Mmm, interesting.  Kitty, for those of you who don’t know if the gaga wannabee nutter with the amazing voice.  Her version of ‘Edge of Glory’ has been going round and round in my head for two weeks now.  Amazing.  Anyway, we’ve had a Facebook request so here’s Maroon 5 …

‘Moves Like Jagger’ by Maroon 5 featuring Christina Aguilera

‘Firework’ by Katy Perry

So they were two requests from a Mr XX and my lovely boyfriend (Naaaaaaaw).  Did you guys read the recent article about more and more women wanting to become nuns?  In this crazy career crisis, women after they’ve left uni or come out of a job will turn to the church.  I’m sure it’s a very effective, very cleansing lifestyle choice, but it’s no ‘Sound of Music’ singing, strutting around, it’s a s very serious devotion to the church.  So is it a bit dated at this point in society?  Hmm, not sure.

When you all decided to come to University, what did you think it would be like?  For me, when I look back at my three years at Uni in 5, 10, 20 years time I will just see a giant blur of reality tv and takeaways!  I cleaned my room yesterday and found 3, yes 3 pizza boxes amongst my stuff!  Totally gross, but what other time in your life is it socially acceptable to eat pizza all day and have 4od on your most viewed?  Now, it’s time for Birdy.  I absolutely loved her cover of ‘Skinny Love’ a while ago, here’s her new one …

‘People Help The People’ by Birdy

Someone just emailed in and said if they would change their name they would change it to Bella, nawww isn’t that sweet, thanks very much!  Staying on the topic of reality TV … Shipwrecked.  It’s the first time I’ve ever watched it and it’s on the 7th or 8th series I think.  It’s basically 5 girls and 5 guys (well, 4 guys and a cross dresser called Kitten) on a desert island, can’t wait to see how it pans out.  So, if you were going to be on any reality TV show, which would it be?  Would it be Come Dine With me, So You Think You Can Dance?, Four in a Bed?  For me it would be Fort Boyard or Gladiators.  Yes, I have been thinking about this quite a lot!  Anybody remember Fort Boyard?  It was set in a fort on an island somewhere and it had a crazy old man in a tower, tigers in a den and Melinda Messenger running around, it was awesome!

‘Champion Sound’ by Crystal Fighters

‘Creep’ by Radiohead

So moving back to how is it November already, it’s Southampton Christmas Market Time!  Last year it was absolutely awesome, I spent a good couple of hours there drinking mulled wine, there was  a chocolate fondue, and anybody who knows me will know how amazing this is for me … there was a cheese stall!  So staying with Southampton, do you love where you live?  I live in Portswood in Southampton and my house actually got burgled a few weeks ago which was really horrible, so just a plug to stay safe, lock your doors, lock your windows, it takes no more than ten seconds and it could save you a laptop.

‘The Ballad of Mona Lisa’ by Panic! At the Disco

‘I Still Remember’ by Bloc Party

Well, thanks for listening!  This has been Bella’s Bits, the best of lifestyle, culture and entertainment.  Leaving you, a bit of a random one from Mr X from Da Street, it’s Julie Andrews …

‘Feed the Birds’ by Julie Andrews


So that was my first ever radio show!  I said ‘so’ about 50 times, said ‘guys’ about 30 times and according to my Mother ‘dropped my ts’.  But I absolutely loved it, can’t wait for next week!