A few weeks ago for boyfriend’s birthday, we upped suburbia and drove north to a beautiful forest somewhere near Leighton Buzzard for a wonderful weekend of camping with some dear friends.  Snaps and stories:


The forest was part owned by a few families, with one of the families being family friends of our buddies.  It was beautiful, very quiet and set back from the main road, with handmade clearings for us to pitch up.  Here’s our fire, before the rains came …


Fortunately, when the rains did arrive, our friends were clever enough to bring a giant sheet of tarpaulin accompanied by bungee hooks, meaning we could make and sit under our own little den when the heavens opened.  We had rugs, candles, incense, lanterns – we felt like pixies of the wood!


This beaut of a camping cooker came out of its box for the first time, specifically for this trip, and worked wonders for us!  Here’s one of our bog standard meals we whipped up – can’t go wrong with sausages and beans, especially when its chilly.  Other culinary wonders included bacon, eggs and burgers.  Oh, and soya milk, I’m now addicted to soya milk!



Having a digital detox means you have to find other ways to entertain yourself, one of those ways being games!  Here’s our scrabble board and Haribo inspired Texas Hold’em, completed with Blondie’s Greatest Hits blaring from our speakers – the dream!


Another highlight was a woodland walk we went on, well, through farmers lands and a golf course, but near woodland!  We found hay bales, rabbit holes, contemplated making nettle tea and hid from tractors.  So beautiful to be at one with nature.


So there you have it, our beautiful weekend camping.  I’d really encourage you to give it a go, leave behind life for a few days and go and sit in a forest with some good friends, a wine box and a campfire.  Let the good times flow.


What Happened In April

1)  So at the very beginning of April (the 1st in fact), it was my lovely Mother’s birthday!  So we spent the day in Saville Gardens which was absolutely beautiful.  As you probably know, I absolutely adore flowers so it was just a generally great day out.

2)  And a few days later, it was my birthday!  Cue a very cheesy photo of me holding my Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake (and what?!).  I did do a blog about it, again, just greatness!

3)  And this shows Easter Sunday, which was absolutely beautiful.  My sister, brother-in-law and my gorgeous niece and nephew spent the day with us, eating too much and drinking too much.  It felt just like Christmas, but with more chocolate.  This picture shows boyfriend, my lil nephew Jake and myself preparing for our egg and spoon race.  Oh yeah.

4)  This picture is another Instagram photo (which I briefly mentioned in another post) showing the carnage of my birthday partay.  Standard.

5) and 6)  Not just the O2, but STEPS at the O2!  I don’t care if I’m lame, it was genuinely one of the best nights of my life.  The day started with my mother and I shopping before hitting up Cafe Rouge, drinking too much and seeing Steps perform.  Literally amazing.

7)  This picture shows the man and I ready to hit up my Performing Arts ball.  Blazer – Borrowed from my Housemate Hannah but from Primark.   Dress – TK Maxx.   Heels – Office.

8)  And this is the Performing Arts ball itself!  It was a proper dinner dance which was lovely.  Here’s my table of street dancers, so good!

9)  So a few days ago (in the absolutely rubbish weather), we went to Thorpe Park!  A very wet and wild day out.  We went on all the standard rides plus the newbie … Swarm!  Just by luck my housemate Jamie and I got at the front and it was amazing!  Oh, and this picture is of a lone duck that wandered into Burger King.  Classic!

10)  Yet more nail art!  This one shows a pink background then the Sunday Times Sports pages printed on top.  Darling, all you need is vodka.

11)  And this picture shows my house’s Poker Night!  It lasted for an entire 6 hours so was incredibly tiring but a lot of fun.  And the boyfriend won, yay!

Enjoy May lovelies :)

Bella’s Bits is on FM!

My radio breakfast show I mean!  SO exciting, it was yesterday morning 9-11am (hope you were all listening..!) and we were broadcasting on FM which is a BIG deal for the station.  My show went like this:

  • Good morning, Bella’s Bits, Lifestyle, Culture and Entertainment etc. (Play clip of Rebecca Black’s FRIDAY)  Rizzle Kicks – Mama Do The Hump  Katy Perry – ET
  • Dexter, caught up to date with American season.  Anybody else seen it?  Why are we so obsessed with watching seasons?, eg Grey’s Anatomy, boyfriend watching The Sopranos.  Any ideas for a new series I could watch?  Get interactive and in contact etc. Gotye – Somebody That I Used To Know  Utah Saints – What Can You Do For Me
  • New student from Ireland in my house … might be coming in the next few weeks to chat to us and let us know how life as a new student is, stay tuned. – Elbow – One Day Like This
  • 90s tunes to get you in the mood for this evening.  Run DMC – It’s Like That
  • Jonny English Reborn = terrible.  Just watched it and I thought it was rubbish apart from some epic one liners. Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude
  • On Sunday, the boyfriend and I watched Casino Royale.  Inspired and we stayed up all night playing Texas Hold Em.  Any poker players out there?  My housemate’s in the poker society and has fun.  Might plan a poker night. Ben Howard – The Wolves Fixers – Iron Deer Dream
  • The British Museum, went to on a study break a few weeks ago.  Disagreed with it, the British completely rinsing other people’s cultures and artefacts.  However, seeing Cleopatra’s dead body was pretty cool, in a CSI way, not a morbid way. David Guetta – Titanium
  • Ten Years Ago This Week Feature – Chart Music.  Song = Pink – Get The Party Started
  • Superscrimping!  New facts and ideas include:  using the netting oranges come in to scour pots and pans, when using fruit for drinks put it in the freezer, use talcum powder on really cheap mascara, use a piggy bank, use magazines to make birthday cards etc.  Awesome show.  Ed Sheeran – Drunk
  • TGI Friday meal on Monday … amazing 2 meals for a tenner deal or three courses for £13.  Bit of a trek to get to for Southampton but the food was flipping amazing! GO! Jessie J – Domino Cover Drive – Twilight Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues Chiddy Bang – Ray Charles
  • Right, for any of you fashion lovers out there I am talking vintage and differences in West and East London vintage.  West London vintage = real, expensive, couture, designer etc.  East London vintage = cheap, charity shops, Marks and Spencer’s, really vintage at all? Daniel Bedingfield – Gotta Get Through This Acoustic Maroon 5 – Moves Like Jagger
  • Valentine’s Day next week.  GOSH!  A pathetic commercialisation designed for people in relationships to feel good about themselves?  Or lovely and happy and warm?  Let me know your thoughts. Skrillex – Summit feat Ellie Goulding Professor Green – Read All About It
  • What’s On in Southampton feature with comments, ideas, experiences and suggestions. Foster The People – Don’t Stop DJ Fresh – Hot Right Now The Futureheads – Hounds of Love
  • Remember you can get in touch with me Bella’s Bits throughout the week, follow me @bellasbits or check out my website

And this is my absolutely TERRIBLE Bella’s Bits photo, representing my ENTIRE brand.  Me one Friday evening feeling rubbish with no makeup and a very strange neckline going on.  But I love you all, and I can’t find the webcam photos so this will have to do!

Happy Weekend everybody!

Poke Her Face

So last night started off pretty standard.  I’d just finished a hard day’s studying and decided to paint my nails according to the boyfriend talking about ice cream.  ‘Mint choc chip!  Mint choc chip!’ he yelled.  With my nail varnish levels become ever decreasing, mint and camel had to suffice.  It was half way through the evening of chilling out with James Bond’s ‘Casino Royale’ the boyfriend suggested we have a glass of wine.  ‘Perfect!’ thought I, ‘What a splendid evening!’  Unfortunately, James Bond’s influence of poker AND beverage lead to this:

A while ago I purchased a Texas Hold’Em poker set from the charity shop for a mere £3!  Bargain.  Originally intended for my Uni house’s Las Vegas night, the boyfriend and I decided to open it last night.  It was amazing!  Maybe it was the time, or maybe our spirit of choice but we played ruthlessly, fearlessly .. just like they do in the movies (lame perhaps, but we felt cool).  And it was so much fun! Why have I never played poker before?  Why has no one ever taught me?  Well, maybe because I’m a slow blonde .. like a sloe gin but nevertheless, it was great fun!  So our classy evening of wine and James Bond turned into an impromptu poker night, but it was great!  As we speak the boyfriend is practicing, dreaming of being able to quit uni and play online full time to earn millions of dollars.  We’ll see sweetheart, we’ll see.