Gonna Party Like .. it’s 2012

In a few short hours it won’t be 2012 anymore!  Usually I’m one to get sad and emotional about that, I’m not a massive fan of New Years Eve and the concept of time terrifies me but nevertheless I have decided to embrace it by looking over the highlights of my year and looking forward to a bright 2013.

So, in 2012 I:

  • Rebranded my blog!  ‘BellasBits’ was born.
  • Competed in dance competitions around the country, falling back in love with music and movement and getting to know some of my squad better.
  • Visited the Ideal Home Show and loved it, bring on 2013!
  • Saw Steps and The Throne at the 02, as well as climbing over it!
  • Went on some amazing travels: Amsterdam, Thailand, Berlin, Edinburgh, Bruges.
  • Went on my first real road trip down to Cornwall, surfing included!
  • Learned to like Sauvingnon Blanc (but not how to spell it ..) – shocker!
  • Became instaobsessed.
  • Learnt how to BBQ like a pro.
  • Played ‘Pointless’ .. for real!
  • Learned to love myself as my friends, family and amazing boyfriend all love me.

2012 has been a very special year for me.  I’ve worked incredibly hard, as I will continue to do so, I’ve learnt alot about myself and will continue to better myself, I’ve experienced and loved every day to the full, and will continue to do so, as 2013 dawns and every year after that.  2012 has also been a very special year for our country.  I know we’ve been hearing/seeing/reading about this absolutely everywhere so I won’t go into it to much, but felt like it deserved a mention (Go Brits, woo.).  So as 2013 dawns, I am looking to the future and what I wish to achieve.  I’ve got lots of exciting plans for Bellas Bits in 2013 so stick around, and we can continue this incredible journey they call ‘life’ together.  And please say hello!  I would really love to get to know you all better :)

Happy New Year!

Up at the O2

Soo, this weekend I went to London!  And London took me ‘Up at the o2’!  Up at the o2 is basically .. walking across the o2 which I bought boyfriend for Christmas.  We tend to buy each other experiences for birthdays/christmases/anniversaries etc.  I feel so happy right now, in terms of life and I have everything I could possibly need or want, so experiences are a perfect present.  By this I mean beautiful food, gigs, climbing over historic landmarks .. you get the idea.  So here’s how it went ..!


So we arrived at the o2, ready to head the heck up it, have a gorgeous dinner and see the one and only ‘Skyfall’ (which is AMAZING by the way).  It looked terrifying from the bottom.  For me, someone who is mildly nervous of heights, I was pretty freaked out.  Next we signed into ‘Base Camp’ where a mental video greeted us with lots of interesting facts and what we could expect.  We headed into a changing room to get dressed, in our totally fetching boiler suits!  I also grabbed the walking boots they had on offer, which I would definitely recommend .. so much better grip!

Next was heading up.  I was totally freaked out by the Carabina thing, and couldn’t even really work it .. sometimes boyfriend had to do it but I managed, and before I knew it .. we were up!  The actual walk way is suspended above the tent canvas and is kind of like a massive bouncy mat .. with no sides!  I thought that bit would be scary but I loved it.  Walking across it, knowing you were safe, but not completely feeling safe (sort of like a roller coaster) was really exhilarating.

At the top, gosh it was just beautiful.  I purposely timed our walk when the sun was setting (I googled it and everything, romantic huh?!)  We had a gorgeous view of Canary Wharf (which I had funnily visited the day before on a Geography field trip, so it was really interesting) and of the Emirates air line, but I must admit I was a teeny tiny bit disappointed with the lack of the view of the City.  Being a geography student, I probably should have realised that the way the Thames bends, we wouldn’t have but ah well, it was still beaut.  Complete with a cheeky plank too, of course ;)

The way down was doubly scary as the way up, the gradients just kept going up and up and up, so the way down was getting steeper and steeper and steeper, I couldn’t handle it!  I will admit I took a minute or two to have a tiny cry and compose myself, the guide was brilliant though, professional but such a lad too.  And after a wonderful hour, I touched the ground again!  It really was incredible, and only £22 on a week day.  I really would recommend doing it, so so special.

So do it guys, get out there, fall in love with life (haven’t said that in a while!) and get up the o2!

Watch The Throne

On Friday night, I went to watch The Throne at the O2.

NO.  Not that kind of throne, stupids.  This kind of throne.

The amazing, the incredible, the outstanding .. Jay-Z and Kanye West throne!

Strengths:  EVERYTHING.  The two hour wait where we were supposed to have a pre show, believe it or not, was pretty good.  The whole crowd got completely hyped, and completely sozzled judging by the queues at the bar and the amount of people security were throwing out.  The show started from nowhere.  Kanye on the main stage and Jay-Z on the tiny stage in the middle of the arena, both rising high complete with graphics of sharks, random, but awesome.

Set List:

Who Gon’ Stop Me
Otis – SICK
Welcome to the Jungle
Gotta Have It
Where I’m From
Jigga What, Jigga Who (Originator ’99)
Can’t Tell Me Nothing
All Falls Down
Flashing Lights
Jesus Walks – Didn’t expect it to be so good, but one of my favourites.
Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Remix)
Public Service Announcement (Interlude)
U Don’t Know
Run This Town
Power / Power (Remix)
Made in America
New Day
Hard Knock Life (The Ghetto Anthem) – Amazing
Izzo (H.O.V.A.)
Empire State of Mind
Heartless – Beautiful
On to the Next One
Dirt Off Your Shoulder
I Just Wanna Love U (Give it to Me)
That’s My Bitch
Good Life
Touch the Sky
All of the Lights
Big Pimpin’
Gold Digger
99 Problems
What a Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong song)
No Church in the Wild
Lift Off (Interlude)
Niggas in Paris

In my opinion, the strengths were most definitely in Kanye’s tracks.  I may be bias in the fact I LOVE him (despite the fact what he did to Taylor, I don’t mention that one) but his stage presence and his pure arrogance were just incredible.  Strong songs were Runaway and Stronger (funnily enough).  FYI I’ve heard on the grapevine that there are still some tickets left for the up north shows of the European Tour, get tickets or get lost, seriously.

Weaknesses:  The stage set itself.  Pretty basic, but perhaps it didn’t need to be all big and jazzy with fireworks and dancers?  Being a dancer myself, I ALWAYS think dancers can amp up a performance, and in some of the tracks they really could have here.  ‘Yeah, but then they can’t improv’ I hear you cry.  Trust me, good dancers can bop to improv.  Not gonna lie, I was half expecting Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Alicia Keys to pop up, so a definite weakness they didn’t!  Also Kanye’s ‘If you love someone tonight, you better hold them tight’ after Heartless.  Dude, man up, what you on about?

Highlights:  When the red lazers spelt out 1D (not gonna lie, pretty funny), the montage of What a Wonderful World of America being obliterated by terrorism and war (very political and poignant, I almost wanted to do the declaration) and the crowd dancing like nutters … pretty much the entire way through.


P.S. #DatS**tCray

What Happened In April

1)  So at the very beginning of April (the 1st in fact), it was my lovely Mother’s birthday!  So we spent the day in Saville Gardens which was absolutely beautiful.  As you probably know, I absolutely adore flowers so it was just a generally great day out.

2)  And a few days later, it was my birthday!  Cue a very cheesy photo of me holding my Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake (and what?!).  I did do a blog about it, again, just greatness!

3)  And this shows Easter Sunday, which was absolutely beautiful.  My sister, brother-in-law and my gorgeous niece and nephew spent the day with us, eating too much and drinking too much.  It felt just like Christmas, but with more chocolate.  This picture shows boyfriend, my lil nephew Jake and myself preparing for our egg and spoon race.  Oh yeah.

4)  This picture is another Instagram photo (which I briefly mentioned in another post) showing the carnage of my birthday partay.  Standard.

5) and 6)  Not just the O2, but STEPS at the O2!  I don’t care if I’m lame, it was genuinely one of the best nights of my life.  The day started with my mother and I shopping before hitting up Cafe Rouge, drinking too much and seeing Steps perform.  Literally amazing.

7)  This picture shows the man and I ready to hit up my Performing Arts ball.  Blazer – Borrowed from my Housemate Hannah but from Primark.   Dress – TK Maxx.   Heels – Office.

8)  And this is the Performing Arts ball itself!  It was a proper dinner dance which was lovely.  Here’s my table of street dancers, so good!

9)  So a few days ago (in the absolutely rubbish weather), we went to Thorpe Park!  A very wet and wild day out.  We went on all the standard rides plus the newbie … Swarm!  Just by luck my housemate Jamie and I got at the front and it was amazing!  Oh, and this picture is of a lone duck that wandered into Burger King.  Classic!

10)  Yet more nail art!  This one shows a pink background then the Sunday Times Sports pages printed on top.  Darling, all you need is vodka.

11)  And this picture shows my house’s Poker Night!  It lasted for an entire 6 hours so was incredibly tiring but a lot of fun.  And the boyfriend won, yay!

Enjoy May lovelies :)

Steps at the O2

Steps.  My childhood love.  My dream was to be able to cook like Claire (kind of LOL looking at her now), dance like Lisa (think I achieved that one) and have dreadlocks like Faye (not yet…).  I wanted to be as funny as H and just wanted to marry Lee.  To see them ten years on, knowing what I now know about them was just insane.

The evening itself was beautiful.  I took the day off Uni to travel up to London with the Ma, to hit the shops (where I bought a BEAUTIFUL maxi dress for two weddings I’m hitting up this summer), eat, drink and laugh.  Eat, drink and laugh we certainly did.  Eat: Cafe Rouge, one of my favourite places to eat in the world.  French food is the bomb.  Drink: Pinot Grigio, in large quantities.  Laugh: at pretty much everything.

Stumbling to our seats a few hours later we were buzzing, on top of the world, not just the O2.  Cue fireworks, lights, dancers, screaming, flashes.  Uh-maz-ing.  Here and Now, One for Sorrow, Tragedy, 5,6,7,8 … the works.  But not only that, they decided to do solos (a perfect opportunity to sprint, and I mean sprint, to the ladies).  Lee did Moves like Jagger; pretty standard I have to say.  Faye, One Night Only from Dreamgirls, actually really good!  H sung Don’t Stop Believing.  Predictably and Autotuned.  Lisa sang her 2000s hit ‘Lately’.  I’m thinking of a nice word for terrible.  And I’m failing.  But Claire, wow.  Just wow.  She sang ‘I Surrender’.  Absolutely beautiful.  She didn’t need any theatrics.  Just her, in a beautiful gold mermaid dress commanding the stage, commanding all 14,000 of us.  Outstanding.  Here’s a recording I found.  If you just listen to ten seconds of it, you will see what I mean.

So in short, amazing.  I came away happy, on top of the world, with a severe lack of voice left.  I know Steps aren’t the band I grew up with, but were they ever?  I’m sticking with yes.  I don’t care about the one night stands or the tour bus catfights or who got fat and who got pregnant (I’ve watched their reality show FAR too much.)   I care that their songs make me happy, make me smile and gave me one of the best nights of my life.  Incredible.