Nails 101

These are my bunting nails!  I started with a plain blue base coat (aiming to be like the sky, but meh), then used a white nail art pen (similar to the ones you get for french manicures) to make my bunting shapes.  Finished with adding some purple polka dots but you could add anything here, a clear top coat and voila!

And these are the standard crackle nails.  I stated with a yellow base coat and then added the black crackle coat.  My tip with these though is to paint the brush over your nails in lots of different directions, making it a more crazy geometric effect.

Newsprint nails!  Again start with a plain base coat (white is probably best, but I experimented with these on a trip home and didn’t have my nail set with me) then find some vodka!  I’ve been told that water will probably do the exact same thing, but vodka is more fun, and your nails smell good.  Once your base coat has dried, dip your nails into the vodka then find some newspaper.  With fingers still wet, apply the newspaper pint to your nail and leave for about five seconds.  Be careful when peeling it off.  Leave to dry, clear top coat and boom!

Here is one of my favorites; leopard print nails.  Again start with a plain bottom coat and get a nail pen.  Make leopard like squiggles, top coat and bobs your uncle.  Really quick, but really effective.

Nails 101!

Pizza and Parliament

I’m loving this.  Yesterday was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.  Waking up bright and early, poll card at the ready before flouncing off to cast my vote.  ‘Is this your first time voting dear?’ an old lady said to me as I hopped from foot to foot and in doing so dropping my polling card, holding up the 10 people long queue.  I nodded and smiled like a 5 year old.  Good grief, who knew crossing a box with a pencil in a cardboard booth could be so exciting!

I had a lovely day, all election talk, election prayers; election fever!  Some guy even piggy backed me and tried to commandeer me to vote for him in the college Mock Election.  My usual tune blasting drive home was replaced by intelligent political conversation on the Radio then on arriving home,  BBC News was the only thing allowed on.

Next came a Student Night out trip to Woking town itself.  Oh yes.  My first legal and official night out in my home town since turning 18, it was hilarious.  The first half was excruciating.  One trip to the toilet resulted in seeing about 15 people from my past life, my secondary school, my primary school, hell, even my nursery!  Ridiculous.  I attempted to smile and say ‘Hi’ to most people but it was madness.  Made me realise how much I cannot wait to leave.  To go out on the town without an entourage of ‘This Is Your Life’.

The second half was incredible though I have to admit.  Arm in arm with my beautiful friend Maddie, we drunk and danced the night away.  Despite seeing everyone I knew from everywhere I managed to smile and hold decent conversations, shouting over the bass this is.  We even started a bar fight.  Some lovely squiff of a guy decided to buy us drinks, in doing so barging through a mosh of drunkards nearly getting himself attacked.  I had to intervene, most exciting!  A hilarious accumulation of events ended in myself having the giggles for a good hour, being bought more drinks and being walked home by a British Airways pilot.  Beautiful.

This morning I woke early, cuddling pepperoni pizza and lemonade, wrapped in my duvet with BBC News.   As I type, 38 seats are yet to come in.  Who knows what will have happened next time I blog politics and pizza?!