Bedroom Beauty Challenge January – Vivacious Vixen



So Louise over at Sprinkle of Glitter ( – go check her out, she’s lovely) has come up with a fabulous idea of a monthly Bedroom Beauty Challenge.  This is perfect for me.  I’ve been wanting to get into Beauty Blogging for a while but wasn’t quite sure how, so this is the perfect opportunity for me to give it a go to see if a) I’m any good at it and b) if you guys like it!  So January’s challenge was ‘Vivacious Vixen’.  My immediate thoughts on reading that was the word ‘voluptuous’ so full of sex and steam, and Vixen, who I believe was one of Santa’s reindeer, so a bit cheeky and happy too.  I tried to combine these thoughts.  

Note: all my makeup I used here is my clubby, evening, night out makeup.  So it looks seriously dark in the natural light!  I don’t look like this normally!!

Here’s how I got on:


So here are Bella’s make up bits I used to create the look.  I started with Maybelline Fit Concealer in Shade 10 which I used under my eyes and on my spots.  Next I used my L’Oreal Nude Maguique BB Cream in Light skin tone to get even coverage on my base.  I applied this with my fingers.  After, I applied MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 Foundation in Shade N20, again applying with my fingers.  I used to apply my foundation with brushes and sponges but a couple of months ago I decided to try and use my fingers, and I haven’t looked back.  I find that personally the blend I can create is much neater, and because I have combination skin I can apply more and less to my red patchy skin areas and my oily areas.  I would definitely recommend giving finger foundation application (gosh, that sounds a bit naughty..!) a try if you haven’t.

I then moved onto power.  Firstly using No7 Starfish Bronzer which I applied with a Body Shop Blusher Blush into my contours heading up to my temples.  I applied a small dot of L’Oreal Blush in Sandalwood Pink to the apple of my cheek.  I then applied my main powder oven the top, still using the same brush, which is L’Oreal The Minerals True Match powder in N3 Creamy Beige.

Once my face was completed I moved onto my eyes, using Naked by Urban Decay eye shadow pallet.  If I would recommend any eye product I’ve ever used, it would be this.  It’s amazing!  I used 5 different colours to create my eye look, and you can’t see them very clearly in the picture I’ve used, so I might do an in depth review of the pallet at some point.  I applied L’Oreal Infallible Studio Eyeliner in Chocolate Addiction to my top lid and bottom lid creating a sharp flick.  Next I applied my mascara, L’Oreal Falsh Lash Telescopic in Hypnotic Brown to my top and bottom lashes.  I finished off my look with a few spritzes of MAC Fix+, a fixing spray that keeps all your makeup in place.

And here was the result:






So there we have it!  My first ever go at Beauty Blogging using Sprinkle of Glitter’s Bedroom Beauty Challenge.  Things I’ve Learnt:

  • As this was all my going out, night clubby make-up, it looked really weird and FAR too dark for any day time activities.  So I will know to steer clear of that I future.
  • I really need to work on my lip stick application!
  • Next Bedroom Beauty Challenge – I will do my hair to match.
  • My eye brows need a good pluck.
  • And note to self: remove ear plaster!

I really enjoyed this challenge.  Will you be taking part?!  Love Bella x


Colourblind Reflection

If you’re reading this, stop.  Wait until the weather gets rubbish again and read it then.  I’m only writing this because I’m burning up in the delicious weather.  It’s been absolutely beautiful.  I’ve finished all my exams and have nothing to do except drink cider and sit in the sun all day.  So if you’re reading this, stop, go outside and read a book and get some sun on your face, and read it later when the sun goes down and the day is done.

I’ve been in a bikini the last few days, and as much as I love you all, won’t subject you to pictures of that!  Here’s what I wore a few days ago for afternoon tea with boyfriend’s Aunt and Uncle.  I got ready VERY quickly and as the title suggests, on reflection I was perhaps slightly colourblind in deciding what to wear!  But here it is anyway:

Cardigan – Urban Outfitters     Top – Asos     Jeans – TK Maxx     Shoes-New Look

A close up of my jeans and shoes.  I absolutely love these jeans.  SO comfy and different from standard skinnies.  And my new shoes!  These are actually heeled wedges but you can’t really see from this angle.  I’ve bought them for the two weddings I’ve got coming up over the next two weeks so have been wearing them out and about just to break them in.

A close up of my top half.

A close up of my face.  It’s only in this picture I’ve seen how much my purple dip dye has washed out, boo!  I’m wearing MAC foundation, Rimmel blusher, NO7 nude lipstick and MAC mascara.

Now get out in that sun!

Bella’s Bits – 100 posts in the making!

This is officially my 100th post on my blog, how time flies.  Just a month of so ago my blog turned 2 years old and I had a tiny party to myself with two little candles.  Yes, Bella can sometimes be a teensy bit lame.  So to commemorate this landmark in blogging history I thought I would share with you some of my favourite and most iconic posts to take you back to yesterday and see just how much my writing, oh, and my life, has changed.


Bare faced or made up - I'm a happy girl either way. = Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

This post saw me writing about my dislike for make up and how I never wear it which and was a post that gave me a lot of likes, comments and interesting conversations; even a recommendation to another blog.  In the two years since I’ve wrote this, I’ve changed somewhat.  I now enjoy make up.  I invest in the good stuff, MAC and Bobbi Brown and enjoy the process of applying it and knowing I look nicer for it.  But I still never wear it in the day time, only ever for events and nights out.  I have to say this wasn’t so true when  I first got to Uni and was very single and didn’t know anybody.  For a week or two, I spent the odious twenty minutes every morning putting it on, masking myself in slap to try and feel happier and more confident in lectures with so many new people and new experiences.  But after a couple of weeks I met my boyfriend, didn’t really care anymore and landed back at square one.  And I’m a very happy girl for it. = Annabel’s Fashion Week

March 2010 inspired me to take pictures of myself every day and post them, an absolutely exhausting task.  I still have SO much respect for the beautiful fashion blogs I follow that do this every day.  I feel that through this post I demonstrated who I was a lot more.  I’m a chameleon; lots of people have said that to me.  One day I can be a grungy rock chick, the next day I can be a colourful hippy and the day after I can be sporty spice.  I think that it my style in itself and I think I did well demonstrating that in this post, and since.  Earlier this year I took to posting my outfits again, and nothing has changed!  I’ve never been skinny, I never will be skinny so I will never wear tiny shorts and leotards and converse and look perfect; my legs would look stubby.  Give me palazzo pants and a crop top any day.  This blog gives me an outlet to show off what I wear, because let’s face it, we all love a bit of a show off.  Fashion and what I wear has and will always be a huge part of my life and outlet to show the world who I am, so whilst the fashion itself may be a bit random and crazy, so is its author. = If I Were A Boy

I think this post is really where I got into the swing of writing, and started to really enjoy it.  I actually realised for the first time I can be funny when I write, something I lack in real life.  The man is sometimes bewildered by it.  He thinks I’m so witty and comical on this blog sometimes, and how odd it is that it doesn’t transfer to real life.  Cheers babes.  I’m proud of my writing, and again, this is a great way for me to practice writing and show what I can do.  I don’t know who reads this, I don’t know if anybody reads this.  But the occasional retweets, comments and likes give me the drive and motivation to keep writing and to keep doing what I’m doing.  So cheers.

So I think they are some of my favourite and most iconic posts I’ve written over the last 100.  Here’s to the next 100!  Have a beautiful day.