Working From Home

Technically, spending the last 6 years of my life as a student, all my academic work has been from home.  But this year, that’s stepped up a notch.  Throughout my undergrad, I lived with friends who were other students; my biggest house was 9.  Days were filled with dozy lectures followed by naps and a wild night out.  However this year I’ve been enduring #masterslife living with just the boyfriend, who works full time.  Lectures have dwindled, instead being replaced with relentless coursework and of course the dissertation (remember the double Ds?!).  This means my life has changed, and I’ve entered into the realm of ‘working from home’ …

And I love it.  I absolutely love it.  Other than the disturbed half an hour when boyfriend wakes up and departs for work, my time is my own, I can use it as I please.  I can sleep in, go to the gym, work wherever I please, eat what I want, watch Netflix galore, go shopping, go eating, go drinking … as long as I get my work done.

I’m a hugely organised human.  I meticulously plan my work for every day of the week on a Monday morning and make sure I see it through.  So as long as I write X amount of words or revise for X amount of hours, I’m cool.  I can do whatever I want.

I live in my Pjamas, I make soup every day for lunch, I have 2pm karaoke concerts, binge on Made in Chelsea and make up tap dances.  I clean a lot, lounge around with Heat magazine, paint my nails and have 4pm glasses of wine.  And when I go out, I go lunching with pals in London, go interiors shopping, saunter around Marks and Spencers or pop to the pub.  My time is MINE.  As long as I get my work done, the rest I can do with as a I please.  It really is wonderful.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I work A LOT.  And I work HARD.  Doing well at my degree means everything to me and if that means I have to have 16 hour working days or nighttime stints in the library, I’ll do it.  But I do attempt to plan my days which means I can hang out and have breaks as and when.  And it works pretty darn well.

However, my working from home life is coming to a timely end.  And at a good time really.  I begin fully fledged adult working full time life in a few weeks and working from home life will be a distant memory.  I do think that it will make me appreciate home a lot more though.  Whilst I love it, I can sometimes take advantage of my beautiful home.  It will be wonderful to arrive home at the end of the working day, collapse onto my sofa, look around and say ‘Ahhhh’.

When I look back at this academic year of #masterslife, I think I’ll remember working from home the most fondly.  Oh, all the fun I’ve had with me, myself and I.  However this chapter is drawing to its close, so for these last few weeks I’m going to milk it for all that its worth.  Lie ins, Jeremy Kyle on +1, Netflix galore and inappropriate wine time come at me.  My time as a student and from working from home is drawing to a close, but my goodness am I going to make these last few weeks count!

Excuse me, inappropriate wine time is calling.


A Day in the Life of … Bella!

Hey guys!  So I’m SO sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  Third year pressures mounting up and up, assignments, exams etc .. not to mention POINTLESS which we’re filming tomorrow, AH!  (The BBC show with Alexander Armstrong, gonna be AWESOME).  This post is basically ‘A Day in the Life of ME’ to show you guys just how busy I am right now.  I have a few deadlines coming up over the next week or two so will hopefully be able to post a bit more then.  Anyway.  Here goes:

8.24am – roll out of bed still SO full from Frankie and Benny’s meal (NOM) the night before and hit the shower

8.40am – moisturise.  beauty routine must be priority now kids!

8.44am – make an incredibly large cup of coffee and drink it in front of Lorraine.

9.06am – get dressed and sort out my hair/face.

9.24am – have another coffee and ring my Mum.

9.39am- – sort out my bag for the day and print out all my lecture slides.

9.59am – leave for Uni.

10.12am – arrive Uni and head to the shop.  FYI, I purchased a new notepad, some dairylea dunkers and some salt and vinegar french fries.

10.16am – return my library books and issue my new ones I had waiting for me.

10.21am – sit down in the library and begin work.

11.55am – cheeky break to read some bloglovin.

12.27pm – leave libes, sit down in cafe and have my lunch of sushi and snacks.

12.52pm – meet boyfriend.  wait for him as he has a meeting and read my Lauren Conrad book.

1.35pm – sit down with another coffee with boyfriend and make some phone calls, including a 30 minute conversation with Pointless man.

2.45pm – sit down in lecture.

4.49pm – leave lecture and meet parents who have come down for the evening.

5.25pm – arrive Trago Lounge restaurant and eat delicious food catching up with rents.

7.16pm – arrive home and resort out my face, putting makeup on and getting dressed for a night out.

8.05pm – pre drinks start including Ring of Fire, the Post It note game, Smiles game and Obstacle game (don’t ask)

10.54pm – head off and out to Jesters

2.22pm – arrive back home and hit the hay.

So just a standard Thursday in the life of Bella, hence why I am REALLY busy right now.  I’ll try and get back to regular posts soon.  In the meantime .. POINTLESS!  Laters kids.

Bella’s Bits – 100 posts in the making!

This is officially my 100th post on my blog, how time flies.  Just a month of so ago my blog turned 2 years old and I had a tiny party to myself with two little candles.  Yes, Bella can sometimes be a teensy bit lame.  So to commemorate this landmark in blogging history I thought I would share with you some of my favourite and most iconic posts to take you back to yesterday and see just how much my writing, oh, and my life, has changed.


Bare faced or made up - I'm a happy girl either way. = Why I Don’t Wear Makeup

This post saw me writing about my dislike for make up and how I never wear it which and was a post that gave me a lot of likes, comments and interesting conversations; even a recommendation to another blog.  In the two years since I’ve wrote this, I’ve changed somewhat.  I now enjoy make up.  I invest in the good stuff, MAC and Bobbi Brown and enjoy the process of applying it and knowing I look nicer for it.  But I still never wear it in the day time, only ever for events and nights out.  I have to say this wasn’t so true when  I first got to Uni and was very single and didn’t know anybody.  For a week or two, I spent the odious twenty minutes every morning putting it on, masking myself in slap to try and feel happier and more confident in lectures with so many new people and new experiences.  But after a couple of weeks I met my boyfriend, didn’t really care anymore and landed back at square one.  And I’m a very happy girl for it. = Annabel’s Fashion Week

March 2010 inspired me to take pictures of myself every day and post them, an absolutely exhausting task.  I still have SO much respect for the beautiful fashion blogs I follow that do this every day.  I feel that through this post I demonstrated who I was a lot more.  I’m a chameleon; lots of people have said that to me.  One day I can be a grungy rock chick, the next day I can be a colourful hippy and the day after I can be sporty spice.  I think that it my style in itself and I think I did well demonstrating that in this post, and since.  Earlier this year I took to posting my outfits again, and nothing has changed!  I’ve never been skinny, I never will be skinny so I will never wear tiny shorts and leotards and converse and look perfect; my legs would look stubby.  Give me palazzo pants and a crop top any day.  This blog gives me an outlet to show off what I wear, because let’s face it, we all love a bit of a show off.  Fashion and what I wear has and will always be a huge part of my life and outlet to show the world who I am, so whilst the fashion itself may be a bit random and crazy, so is its author. = If I Were A Boy

I think this post is really where I got into the swing of writing, and started to really enjoy it.  I actually realised for the first time I can be funny when I write, something I lack in real life.  The man is sometimes bewildered by it.  He thinks I’m so witty and comical on this blog sometimes, and how odd it is that it doesn’t transfer to real life.  Cheers babes.  I’m proud of my writing, and again, this is a great way for me to practice writing and show what I can do.  I don’t know who reads this, I don’t know if anybody reads this.  But the occasional retweets, comments and likes give me the drive and motivation to keep writing and to keep doing what I’m doing.  So cheers.

So I think they are some of my favourite and most iconic posts I’ve written over the last 100.  Here’s to the next 100!  Have a beautiful day.

What Happened In February

1)  I began selling things on Ebay!  Since being a student, money has become an increasingly important issue … for my lack of it!  The real conundrum is, I genuinely don’t know where it goes.  So enough was enough.  I had to start selling things.  Everything that was in good condition that I could maybe get £3 or £4 (every little helps) for was going on sale.  And voila!  In my first week of doing it I’ve earned £20.  Boom!

2)  Here’s just a cheeky picture of all my housemates and myself at one of our favorite hang outs … Jesters.  Officially deemed ‘The worst night club in Britain’ but we love it.  You get on your glad rags and your shoes that you don’t mind being covered in urine, snakebite and other bodily fluids, do a strawpedo and you’re away.  Seriously, you should come.

3)  Here are some beautiful flowers that the boyfriend got me!  Yellow roses are my all time favorite flowers and for him to waltz in with them one afternoon was beyond cute.  All the love in the world.

4)  Here is a stunning mural I found of a Geisha girl outside a club called ‘Tokyo’.  I just thought it was incredible and decided to take a snap!

5)  From left, Ben, Eimear myself and Jamie on a night out.  Eimear is our new housemate from Ireland whose over on the Erasmus scheme for the semester.  She’s absolutely lovely!  I think living with someone you get to know them pretty quick.  For instance, Eimear sings a lot, puts on a Cockney accent a lot, absolutely loves football and eats very very healthily.  The perfect woman.

6)  Here is myself and Hannah on a night out on two orange vespas!  Please can I have one God of motorcycles?!

7)  Here is a close up of Eimear and myself on a night out.  Absolute dreamboat.

8)  Now.  This is a picture of the boyfriend’s head.  Being the silly man that he is, he fell over on a night out and cracked his head open.  Drama!

9)  Here is a picture of my absolutely terrible nail art!  But I AM trying!  I put these hearts on for Valentines Day, but they look more like blobs.  Hmm.

10)  Lectures.  Standard.

So that’s what happened in February!  What happened in yours?