That Wee Trip to Westfield

Last post, I mentioned having a cheeky trip to Westfield to spend my birthday moolah.  Here’s a sneaky peek of my purchases:


H and M

These are my H and M beauties (or Hemmies, as it is affectionately known).  I’m a big fan of high waisted anything and this simple black body covers my arms and ensures I have no annoying t-shirt bits to tuck in.  The donut and the flowers were last minute impromptu till purchases, one of which I love, one of which I regret.  I love the flowers pins, they look great in a clipped back side parting do or even on a lapel.  On reflection, I don’t have quite enough hair for the XL donut .. my baby one will have to do!



Every girl should own a LDD.  A little denim dress.  I have three.  Regular readers may remember my trusty denim pinafore, both summer and winter worthy, which is what makes them so versatile.  It got to the point where I was easily wearing it 3 days out of 7 and just really needed a couple more!  The one on the left is a skater style denim dress that I recently wore with a cutesy blouse underneath whereas the one of the right is a bit more bodycon, and suitable for a night out.  Either way, they’re both lovely!  The socks were to go with my Vans, with the cute frilly bits peeking over the edge (reminding me of primary school!).  And the gold geometric necklace was £2.50 – reason enough!

Sneaky peek complete – laters!

My Current Perfume Collection

Happy Monday!  I’ve spent all weekend dancing my knickers off at our bi-annual street dance show, and am feeling absolutely exhausted.  I was so tired, that my lovely Mother bought me a beautiful perfume gift as a ‘Good Luck’ and ‘Well Done’ present before our final performance.  It’s prompted me to give you a mini tour of my current perfume collection I’m spritzing.  

ImageFrom Left:

Lacoste – Touchh of Pink

Jasper Conran – Woman

Ted Baker Ldn – Eau de Toilette

Burberry – Weekend

(N.B. REALLY sorry about the poor lighting!)

ImageLacoste – Touch of Pink

I have a very strong sense of smell, so scent and perfume have the ability to instantly take me back to a certain occasion or time in my life.  I wore Lacoste – Touch of Pink one very important summer, and every time I spritz I’m instantly taken back to some very happy memories, and it’s since then been a firm favourite of mine.  It’s amazing the power of perfume!  My main comment about this perfume is that it’s very long lasting, I spray onto my main pulse points and into my hair of a morning, and by 4pm people still comment on how nice I smell (or the perfume smells!).  Despite being long-lasting, it’s a very light scent.  The tones are very fresh and fruity and it isn’t too strong or pungent.  It’s a very summery scent, so it feels slightly odd wearing it in the winter, but definitely worth it when the sun comes out!

ImageJasper Conran – Woman

I got this set just before Christmas in a set with the bath and shower gel of the same fragrance.  Being a woman who NEVER saves good stuff for a special occasion (i.e. I use and wear nice, good quality and expensive things whenever I feel like it – life’s too short!) I used the shower gel straight away, and funnily enough, preferred it to the perfume of the same scent.  It’s a very strong smelling perfume, the kind that might give you a headache if you spray too much, with very masculine tones.  Boyfriend uses Calvin Klein – One and there are very similar notes involved.  A pro point is that it’s definitely a very autumnal perfume, meaning it’s perfect to see me through the next month or two.

ImageTed Baker Ldn – Eau de Toilette

Whilst this is a lovely, simple perfume full of citrusy undertones, I was unimpressed at how long it lasted, but I guess that’s in the name; ‘Eau de Toilette’.  I feel this perfume definitely matches the Ted Baker brand (more than the other perfumes), with it’s pink colour, edgy geometric bottle and slight floral scent.  Despite not being long lasting, at first spray its a very crisp and sharp perfume that smells lovely and isn’t too pungent.

ImageBurberry – Weekend

Last, but definitely not least is another long standing personal favourite of mine that I’ve been wearing for years now.  It’s a very high quality perfume, and feels very urban and edgy when you spray it, like you can rule London (well, that’s how I feel!).  There are vanilla and cinnamon tones in this scent, which means it can be worn guilt free summer or winter and will compliment any environment.  Being high quality, it is very long lasting and a firm favourite in the perfume stakes.

What perfume are you spraying this season?  






A Midsummer Night’s Dream – The Look

So last weekend I was invited to a good friend of mine’s belated 21st birthday party, with the theme ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.  At first, Boyfriend and I thought we’d go all out with togas, pink body paint and glitter but when we discovered we were heading out on the town afterwards, we thought better of it.  Instead, I opted for this look, and thought I’d tell you guys about how I achieved it.


The dress is from TK Maxx, and has always been a summer favourite of mine.  (I’m also wearing it in this post:  I thought it suited the brief as it’s flowery, floaty and ethereal – not to mention super comfy.  I teamed this up with a £2 crown from Hobbycraft (the final idea ended that Boyfriend and I were King and Queen of the forest) and lots of fake Hobbycraft flowers.  Using garden twine I wrapped real ivy from my Mum and Dad’s garden around it to make a sash, with the fake flowers.  I also wrapped the fake flowers around a clubbing bag from TK Maxx and my favourite gold sandals from Dune.  And Voila!

ImageMy makeup for the look is very subtle, as I wanted my hair and outfit to do the talking.  All I added (to my standard ‘clubby’ makeup) was liquid eyeliner and gold eyeshadow.  I felt this look was all about the hair!  (You can read about my hair here:  I have wavy to curly hair anyway, so this look was created with hair mousse, curling tongs, some braids and a whole lotta hairspray.

There you have it!  My Midsummer Night’s Dream Look.  I do love a good costume party, anyone got any coming up I can come to?  Please and thankyou.  Tarah!

Thai Wishlist

For those of you who don’t know .. I’m going to Thailand!  Thailand for a whole freaking month with the boyfriend, backpacking and dissertation researching.  And I am so excited.  I’ve always been on holidays, but I’ve never really done the whole travel thing.  But hello Uni, perfect time right?  So here is my wishlist.  Please someone!

1)  Gorgeous playsuit.  As you all know I am an absolute magpie when it comes to anything colourful, and this playsuit has really light material so will be great in the backpack.  Perfect for throwing on over a bikini or with sandals for all those Hangover style nights out in Bangkok!

2)  Most amazing shirt.  I ummed and ahhed because it’s denim but I thought what the hey, it can get a bit cool in the evenings and this thrown over a lacy body will warm me up.  And make me look super cool.

3)  Just a basic floral hair clip really.  I’m packing absolutely minimalist in terms of hair and beauty so I thought this would be cute to spice up those evenings.  I’m fine with my standard holiday quiffs, but this will add a little pop with a plait.

4)  Make up.  I’m not gonna take anything.  Other than this of course.  Which will be a weird experience when clubbing is involved.  I toyed with the idea of tinted moisturizer and mascara but then thought my holiday skin is actually okay!  Out of everything here, I might actually invest in a couple of these, really bright colours for evenings and all that nightlife.

5)  Now these shorts are cut off levis.  Which SOB, I don’t think they make for someone with as large hips as myself, but oh well.  A girl can dream.  And LOVE the tassles.

Bring.  It.  On.

What Happened In April

1)  So at the very beginning of April (the 1st in fact), it was my lovely Mother’s birthday!  So we spent the day in Saville Gardens which was absolutely beautiful.  As you probably know, I absolutely adore flowers so it was just a generally great day out.

2)  And a few days later, it was my birthday!  Cue a very cheesy photo of me holding my Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake (and what?!).  I did do a blog about it, again, just greatness!

3)  And this shows Easter Sunday, which was absolutely beautiful.  My sister, brother-in-law and my gorgeous niece and nephew spent the day with us, eating too much and drinking too much.  It felt just like Christmas, but with more chocolate.  This picture shows boyfriend, my lil nephew Jake and myself preparing for our egg and spoon race.  Oh yeah.

4)  This picture is another Instagram photo (which I briefly mentioned in another post) showing the carnage of my birthday partay.  Standard.

5) and 6)  Not just the O2, but STEPS at the O2!  I don’t care if I’m lame, it was genuinely one of the best nights of my life.  The day started with my mother and I shopping before hitting up Cafe Rouge, drinking too much and seeing Steps perform.  Literally amazing.

7)  This picture shows the man and I ready to hit up my Performing Arts ball.  Blazer – Borrowed from my Housemate Hannah but from Primark.   Dress – TK Maxx.   Heels – Office.

8)  And this is the Performing Arts ball itself!  It was a proper dinner dance which was lovely.  Here’s my table of street dancers, so good!

9)  So a few days ago (in the absolutely rubbish weather), we went to Thorpe Park!  A very wet and wild day out.  We went on all the standard rides plus the newbie … Swarm!  Just by luck my housemate Jamie and I got at the front and it was amazing!  Oh, and this picture is of a lone duck that wandered into Burger King.  Classic!

10)  Yet more nail art!  This one shows a pink background then the Sunday Times Sports pages printed on top.  Darling, all you need is vodka.

11)  And this picture shows my house’s Poker Night!  It lasted for an entire 6 hours so was incredibly tiring but a lot of fun.  And the boyfriend won, yay!

Enjoy May lovelies :)

Saville Sunday

Hello :)  I know I said I would blog more, and I’m trying I really am.  But I’ve got 20,000 words to write for Uni and it’s taking its toll on me, I’m really not well and can barely sleep.  So to cheer you, and myself up, here’s some pictures from the beautiful Saville Garden that I visited on Sunday for my Mum’s birthday.  Enjoy :)

Flowers make me happy.

What Happened In February

1)  I began selling things on Ebay!  Since being a student, money has become an increasingly important issue … for my lack of it!  The real conundrum is, I genuinely don’t know where it goes.  So enough was enough.  I had to start selling things.  Everything that was in good condition that I could maybe get £3 or £4 (every little helps) for was going on sale.  And voila!  In my first week of doing it I’ve earned £20.  Boom!

2)  Here’s just a cheeky picture of all my housemates and myself at one of our favorite hang outs … Jesters.  Officially deemed ‘The worst night club in Britain’ but we love it.  You get on your glad rags and your shoes that you don’t mind being covered in urine, snakebite and other bodily fluids, do a strawpedo and you’re away.  Seriously, you should come.

3)  Here are some beautiful flowers that the boyfriend got me!  Yellow roses are my all time favorite flowers and for him to waltz in with them one afternoon was beyond cute.  All the love in the world.

4)  Here is a stunning mural I found of a Geisha girl outside a club called ‘Tokyo’.  I just thought it was incredible and decided to take a snap!

5)  From left, Ben, Eimear myself and Jamie on a night out.  Eimear is our new housemate from Ireland whose over on the Erasmus scheme for the semester.  She’s absolutely lovely!  I think living with someone you get to know them pretty quick.  For instance, Eimear sings a lot, puts on a Cockney accent a lot, absolutely loves football and eats very very healthily.  The perfect woman.

6)  Here is myself and Hannah on a night out on two orange vespas!  Please can I have one God of motorcycles?!

7)  Here is a close up of Eimear and myself on a night out.  Absolute dreamboat.

8)  Now.  This is a picture of the boyfriend’s head.  Being the silly man that he is, he fell over on a night out and cracked his head open.  Drama!

9)  Here is a picture of my absolutely terrible nail art!  But I AM trying!  I put these hearts on for Valentines Day, but they look more like blobs.  Hmm.

10)  Lectures.  Standard.

So that’s what happened in February!  What happened in yours?