Christmas Party – Afternoon Style

Greetings!  I’m just about to head off to my first Christmas Party of 2013.  Well, sort of.  It’s a party in one of my modules, to wrap up the semester, but being only from 3-5pm and just at Uni, I’ve dressed Christmas Casual with just a little bit of sparkle.

ImageTop – Zara

Skirt – Topshop via Ebay

Leggings – Florence and Fred

Boots – Nine West

ImageMake up – Everday with Bronze Eye Shadow

Turquoise – Barry M Gelly Hi-Shire in Greenberry

Coral – Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Passionfruit

It’s certainly no where near my winter and wine wish list (, but it is technically winter and there will be wine (even at parties between 3-5pm!).  Off I pop!  Laters.



Urban Outfitters Obsession

After a little break, blogging about other things and the like, I’m back on my personal Bella’s Bits challenge to do 14 posts I’ve assigned myself.  This is much easier now I have a stunning new camera, Brendan!  He’s gorgeous.  Blue and Canon like and ultimately stunning.  So here’s a teeny tiny peek into my winter wardrobe, Urban Outfitters style.  I’m well aware that the shots look like bad Ebay ones selling my clothes.  I’m still getting used to Brendan, lighting etc. and my bedroom at Uni is pretty dark.  Ah well, enough excuses!

My love for Urban Outfitters began when I was about 12/13 years old, WAY before it got popular.  About once a month all through school and college my Mum and I would pop up to Oxford Circus and trail around the flagship store for goodies.  My secret is to head to the sale, I don’t think I paid full price for any of these items.  I would say that well over a third of my wardrobe is U.O..  I don’t shop there as much anymore.  I don’t know if that’s because it’s become way more popular and I have the whole ‘don’t want to see anyone else wearing my stuff’ fear or just because I’ve grown up a bit.  When I say grown up a bit, I mean I don’t have the same desire I used to to buy, buy, buy.  I’m more than happy with what I’ve got and I think (at least I hope!) I have the creativity to make new looks with my existing clothes.  Anyway..!

Here goes:


Here are my beaut blue suede desert boots!  I love them to pieces and they’re SO comfy.  £20 down from £80 .. bargain!

More shoes!  Here are my, what I call, Victorian booties.  I’ve had these for about five years now and they’ve been sewn/stitched/reheeled/relaced more times that I care to believe.  These only really come out in the Winter and I can only really wear them with tights, cause they pinch a bit now due to all the reloving.  Still gorgeous though!


This is one of my most recent U.O. purchases.  A beaut of a cardigan I wear ALOT.  It’s huge but so versatile cause it can be just a cardy or act as a giant jumper.  Love.


Here are some dugarees I got in the vintage section of U.O. a few years ago, before they started to reform absolutely everything by adding studs or patchworks (I’m not bitter, honest.)  They’ve done me well.  I’ve partied at festivals in these, worn them as a cover up on holiday, and even added long sleeve tees and tights for winter.  All good.


And it’s not all casual wear!  Here is one of many playsuits/jumpsuits I own from U.O. but it’s my fav as it’s probably the most versatile. It is my LBD in playsuit form.  Black, silk, plain, gorgeous with a killer lacy back.  This is the kind of thing I throw on to go out when I’m not sure what else to wear.  Looks great with Keds or Heels!

So a teeny tiny peek into my U.O. Obsession.  Bear in mind I have jeans, jewellry, bunting, flasks, pictures, posters, tees, tasches from U.O., to photograph them all would take FAR too long!  Hope you’ve enjoyed your sneak peak.  Want to see more of my wardrobe?

Right kids, well I’m off to London for four nights.  So expect a travel post when I’m back.  Take care kids!



Halloween Trash Fash

Hey Kids!  Now, I’m not a massive supporter of Halloween.  To be honest, I think the whole pretense is a bit ridiculous.  But despite this, it IS a fantastic opportunity for a cheeky dress up, which we all know how much I love.  So I thought I would share with you some of my fancy dress costumes and outfits over the last couple of years, not just for Halloween .. but any opportunity really!  Here goes:

Can you tell who we are?!  This was actually taken on Saturday, when we had a Halloween House Party at Uni.  Velma on the left, followed by Shaggy and Scooby (who is actually boyfriend .. haha!), Fred and myself as Velma!  The wig, dress, cuff and neck tie were from Ebay at just £20, not bad!  The belt was New Look, the tights I found in TK Maxx and the boots are goodness knows how old from … Shoe Zone!  Aha.  Halloween doesn’t just have to be scary, you can have ALOT of fun with it.


This is me being, believe it or not, Sweeney Todd, although I couldn’t find a picture of me with my massive scissors.  The apron is actually from Ann Summers (!) and I think the fishnets were just Primark.  Top it off with some £1 fake blood and face paint = scary!  I honestly think you could probably be zombiefied/dead/scary in almost anything with some fake blood … so get creative!





This was last Halloween.  The top picture is me being … a devil.  Original right?!  The dress was just £8 from the Primark lingerie section and the horns/tail were cheap too.  The bottom picture shows me  in my devil makeup.  The red eye lashes were about 50pence from a fancy dress shop, coupled with some red lippie .. sorted.

What will you be rocking this Halloween?!


Ebay Selling: Bits and Bobs Central

So I’ve only actually been selling my bits and bobs on Ebay for a few months now, but I’m doing pretty well and have so far made a turnover of about £50 from all my clothes, old paintings and nick nacks.  It’s definitely worth doing.  You’re only allowed to sell 10 items every month so at the end of each month (or whenever really) I’ll dig through my wardrobe and scout around my room for things I don’t wear anymore, don’t need and don’t use.  Pop them on Ebay and boom!  So far there’s only been one thing that hasn’t sold.  So here’s a tutorial on selling things on Ebay:

Step 1)  Take a Photo (or a few)


This is your chance to showcase your item.  I’ve heard that products that are displayed on mannequins sell faster and for more money but alas I do not have one.  So hangers on a plain background like a door or a wall I find are best.  Make sure you take a full photo of the item, plus a photo of any impurities (stains, holes etc), a picture of any defining features (for example the rouched sleeves) and then the label.  I think the label is quite an important one because so often people can claim a dress is Topshop when its not.  Make sure you check for labels!

Step 2) Details

Once you’ve uploaded all your photos and filled out the simple questions like what category your item comes into and the size of it (if it’s clothing) you’ll have to write a short description.  Just highlighting any cool bits about it and whether its new or used will do really.

3)  Submit and voila!

In terms of things like postage price, there’s a link to a Royal Mail calculator which is helpful.  I often find that 1 week is the best time to list your items for, any longer you as the seller can lose interest in selling them (cause it is quite a lot of work once they’ve sold, chasing payments and heading to the post office etc, especially for busy people).  So it’s pretty simple really, and you reap the rewards in cold hard cash.  Lovely :)


What Happened In March

1)  Loughborough!  An absolutely stunning weekend.  Read the post here:

2)  I found gin, in a hopeless place.  Well, in Aldi.  On a standard food shopping trip I stumbled across a £4 large bottle of gin and since I’m trying to be a bit healthier, and consume fewer calories, so gin was the only option; obviously.  Here’s me trying out Marks and Spencers canned gin and tonic.  See point 6.

3)  Amsterdam!  Again, just absolutely stunning.  Read the post here:

4)  Here is a beautiful picnic I had on a train journey.  Unfortunately, not the nicest train journey.  I was on my way back from Gatwick Airport after spending the weekend in the Isle of Man, due to Andrew’s grandmother passing away.  It was a sad and stressful weekend, so wine cheesy bites were a must.

5)  Aha!  One evening, one of my housemates Hannah and our friend Nancy took it upon themselves to make cupcakes … of everyone’s faces.  See mine in the bottom right hand corner:  Bella, with a bottle of wine.  It’s lovely to know my friends know me so well!  Other’s included chocolate covered fairy cakes for our friends Fatima and Tashan, a housemate Jan sporting an abnormally large nose and Andrew, in the top right hand corner with his big lips and chipped teeth.  Bless.

6)  My twitter review of point 4; the M and S gin and tonic.

7)  Oh goodness!  I thought Andrew was over with scaring the life out of me.  But no, March brought two trips to the Minor Injuries Unit and one to A and E.  First was pretty minor, a potentially broken foot which turned out to only be ligament damage.  The next trip was potential spinal fluid squiring out of Andrew’s nose, which turned out to just be snot.

8)  This is a beautiful picture of my rents, which I found under my bed when I came home to Woking for the Easter holidays.  Was so happy to see it after a year or two!

9)  I sold plenty more things on Ebay, including this gorgeous Topshop Unique Peter Pan Collar dress, which sold for £8 in the end.  I was sad to see it go, but alas, with growing up and into a woman, you physically grow too.  I earned £30, score.

10)  Ideal Homes Show, again, stunning.  Read about it here:

Hope you’ve all had a glorious month :)

What Happened In February

1)  I began selling things on Ebay!  Since being a student, money has become an increasingly important issue … for my lack of it!  The real conundrum is, I genuinely don’t know where it goes.  So enough was enough.  I had to start selling things.  Everything that was in good condition that I could maybe get £3 or £4 (every little helps) for was going on sale.  And voila!  In my first week of doing it I’ve earned £20.  Boom!

2)  Here’s just a cheeky picture of all my housemates and myself at one of our favorite hang outs … Jesters.  Officially deemed ‘The worst night club in Britain’ but we love it.  You get on your glad rags and your shoes that you don’t mind being covered in urine, snakebite and other bodily fluids, do a strawpedo and you’re away.  Seriously, you should come.

3)  Here are some beautiful flowers that the boyfriend got me!  Yellow roses are my all time favorite flowers and for him to waltz in with them one afternoon was beyond cute.  All the love in the world.

4)  Here is a stunning mural I found of a Geisha girl outside a club called ‘Tokyo’.  I just thought it was incredible and decided to take a snap!

5)  From left, Ben, Eimear myself and Jamie on a night out.  Eimear is our new housemate from Ireland whose over on the Erasmus scheme for the semester.  She’s absolutely lovely!  I think living with someone you get to know them pretty quick.  For instance, Eimear sings a lot, puts on a Cockney accent a lot, absolutely loves football and eats very very healthily.  The perfect woman.

6)  Here is myself and Hannah on a night out on two orange vespas!  Please can I have one God of motorcycles?!

7)  Here is a close up of Eimear and myself on a night out.  Absolute dreamboat.

8)  Now.  This is a picture of the boyfriend’s head.  Being the silly man that he is, he fell over on a night out and cracked his head open.  Drama!

9)  Here is a picture of my absolutely terrible nail art!  But I AM trying!  I put these hearts on for Valentines Day, but they look more like blobs.  Hmm.

10)  Lectures.  Standard.

So that’s what happened in February!  What happened in yours?

You Flipping Beauty

Ebay that is, a flipping beauty.  Last night I was feeling very mellow and a bit down about my style, and lack of it.  I’m feeling in a bit of a rut, like Uni has left me in a state of jeans, boots, long sleeved tops with jerseys over the top constantly, day in day out.  I want a change!  I want to feel fresh!  I’m annoyed that my wardrobe is SO huge that I only have perhaps a third of it at Uni … and the WRONG third.

So I thought I needed to do something about it.  Urban Outfitters website, yes, that always gives me some inspiration.  And check out these BEAUTYS.  The boyfriend said they were ‘Ugly’ but what do men know?  What does MY man know anyway? These bad boys will look great for work, with jeans, with tights and dresses … the definition of versatility.  But for £95, ugh. Sometimes I really dislike being a student, ONE day I shall afford £95 for beautiful boots.

So I know, Ebay, that will cheer me up.  Search the standard ‘Urban Outfitters’ to see what I can get in the auction (don’t you just love the adrenaline rush?!) and BOOM, HELLO SAID BEAUTIES!  A mere £22.50 later in a wild half an hour of bidding they are MINE.  So EBay, I am out of my temporary style rut, awaiting some fabulous boots that I don’t need to shake up my wardrobe and am back to loving life (particularly the fashion life).  You.  Flipping.  Beauty.