Australian Lookbook

So as I briefly mentioned, I headed to Australia for three and a half weeks!  We were mainly based in Sydney, but had a few trips to the Blue Mountains, Newcastle and the Gold Coast.  My mind couldn’t have been further from blogging this trip, so I didn’t pose for many photos at all regarding ‘What I’m Wearing’ but here’s what I scraped together from the 942 photos from the trip (don’t worry, there aren’t that many!)!


This photo was taken at a beautiful lookout spot over Sydney.  I thought this outfit was perfect for a bit of tourist sightseeing.  The dress is Dorothy Perkins.  The waistcoat is Primark.  The necklace is Accessorize.  The trainers are Converse.  It was really comfortable, summary in the gorgeous weather and blended well with Sydney City Chic.


I had about 10 minutes to get ready for this night out in Sydney so I threw this together!  The body is Topshop.  The shorts (trusty favourites!) are Urban Outfitters.  The cardigan is Hollister.  The watch is Swatch.  The tights are Tesco.  The shoes are Office.  The hangbag is Nica.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I just love wearing shorts on nights out where dancing is involved!  I find it so much more comfortable and you can be more relaxed about accidentally flashing your undies.


Not so much an outfit, but this is what I wore to the British and Irish Lions Rugby match in Newcastle!  Boyfriend’s a huge rugby fan and truth be told, the rugby was one of the reasons we went to Australia.  The shirt is .. a Lions rugby shirt!  The top underneath is from H and M.  The jeans are my beauts from Urban Outfitters, which you can read about here:


This is me performing karaoke.  I loved this outfit and couldn’t find a better picture of my outfit during the night, so this action shot will have to do! I think I’m attempting some sort of air guitar..?!  This was taken on a night out in the Gold Coast celebrating a family friend’s 21st.  I know you can’t see particularly well but this outfit is a favourite go-to of mine.  The shirt is Mink Pink at Urban Outfitters.  The necklace is from a market at the Ideal Home Show. (You can read about the Ideal Home Show here:  The leggings are BDG at Urban Outfitters (another favourite find!).

So there’s just a few looks from my Australian wardrobe.  Hope you enjoyed!

Thai Lookbook

Well hello there followers!  Gosh, hasn’t it been a while?!  Since we last met I’ve been gallivanting around Thailand for a month!  Here are some snaps of outfits I wore:  (Please bear in mind I backpacked, BACKPACKED, around Thailand with 5/6 outfits. plus various bits and bobs I purchased along the way.  Fashion wise, this holiday really was all about making the best out of what I had!)

This is me at the Grand Palace (one of the greatest Thai temples) in Bangkok.  Because of all the Buddhism, you have to be very respectful and cover your shoulders and knees whenever you are around temples, hence the getup!  Here, my sunglasses are from Urban Outfitters, my jumper is Levi’s and the fisherman pants are from India.  And you can never go wrong with Converse on a city break!

Quite the contrast!  This is much more of a beach holiday fashion moment than temple hopper, taken in our (very messy, apologies) hotel room in Koh Samui, a Southern Thai Island.  The necklace is from a Thai market, the boob tube is New Look whilst the shorts are Topshop.

Again, taken in Koh Samui.  Excuse the pose, quite unsure what’s going on there.  This is one of the many Thai Dye creations I purchased in Thailand.  I’m not actually sure if tye dye is specifically from Thailand, but it sounds better to say that it is, aha!  This beauty cost the equivalent of about £7, bargain!

Excuse the geeky, overexcited pose.  I was most excited on our first night on the Khao San road where we were staying in Bangkok.  The maxi dress is from TK Maxx and the bag is from Nica at Debenhams.  I would seriously recommend a good maxi dress to anybody travelling lightly.  It looks great dressed up of an evening, or relaxed with converse for day time sightseeing.

A cheeky shot snapped at the Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (basically, lots of crazy sculptures).  Again, a trusty New Look boob tube piled with my favourite Urban Outfitters culottes.

Shut up about the face, boyfriend must have said something funny!  Here, I’m standing at the foot of the Doi Suthep Temple which is a temple in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.  Again, trust Urban Outfitters providing me with a top, Indian fisherman pants, and my gorgeous gold USC sandals that unfortunately broke in Phuket and had to be chucked, boo!

An evening out in Koh Samui, with another Thai dye lovely from Thailand (LOL), coming in at approximately £7 – bargain!

Thai Loving <3

Student Life

Well as you all know, I am a student.  And I love it.  I love it so much I’m considering I’m considering being an eternal one, Masters, PHD .. the works!  Just so I can forever live in colorful outfits, always have purple hair, never wear work clothes and always eat pasta.  Well they’re not the only reasons.  I absolutely love Geography, I love it.  So yes.  But anyway, I thought I’d share with you some very common goings on of student life, in case you are a student, just to nod and smile, or in case you’re not, and aching to know what happens.

So this is a video … S*** University Students Say.  (As you know I’m a COMPLETE technophobe, so I don’t know if this will even come up but please please watch it!)  And it is basically my life.

This is the boyfriend, looking troubled at our monthly shop.  In this shop a few days ago we spent £168.12 which hurts, physically, mentally and spiritually hurts.  Now, I know that this is quite a standard amount for a family of four, say, to eat for a week or two but for us as students it cripples us having to part with so much money, even to stay alive.  Thankfully though, we will only be at Uni for another 6 weeks or so before being back with all paying parents … yay! (Boyfriend wears: Jumper and Gillet: Sissy Boy  Jeans: Topman  Trainers: Converse)

This is me.  With a chicken.  And what I wear around the house.  Yes, I look ridiculous but Uni is the only time you CAN look ridiculous, the only time it is completely acceptable.  Another reason I LOVE it.  (Glasses: Odeon 3D Glasses minus lenses   Hoodie: DKNY at TK Maxx   Shoes: Uggs   Chicken: Tesco)

Right, this is Instagram.  Instagram is a tool that average people use to make themselves look cool, and we us it alot.  And in this picture is Hannah, and a bottle of vodka, standard.  Pre drinking for us involves plenty of cards and forfeits before we go out, so, much, fun.  (Hannah wears: Primark)  Speaking of Pre Drinking:

Facebook is amazing.  Through it, we have a house group page where we post everything from cleaning rotas, bill money, rent money, payments, who left the massive poo in the toilet and of course, this.  And this.

Unbelievably, this is very standard.

So just a little insight into my life as a student, hope you enjoyed!

Dam Madness

So last week I casually went to Amsterdam.  Yeah, no biggie.  Ya know, just thought ‘d fly over for a few days, test the water.  AND IT WAS INSANE!  It was actually for a University Geography Field Trip so we did lots of work, but fun work.  No standing in rivers measuring flow or anything juvenile like that (I take it back, river flow is VERY important …), total human geography madness, interviews, observations, the works.  Pretty awesome.  So whilst we worked all day, we partied all night.  The evenings were our own and by jove did we make the most of them.  Here’s some snaps and stories:

Ah Amsterdam, the Venice of the North.  Except the boyfriend didn’t even know it had canals!  We were lucky enough that the weather was beautiful while we there (yes, weather, it WAS a geography trip guys) which I feel made it SO much better.  Oh and on the right, standard Netherlands.  You know, I think I might try make clogs cool.

Right, so despite what I’ve given up for Lent (Oh my goodness, it’s SHOPPING.  But I’ve just realised you probably don’t know that, stay tuned for a blog), I felt that being international (i.e. not in England), it was alright to purchase a couple of small things.  Tiny.  Absolutely miniscule (not like three maxi dresses, a crop top and four necklaces … NOTHING like that).  So I rallied the troups and we headed to a gorgeous flea market down by one of the canals.  It was amazing.  Antiques, trinkets, vintage galore.  Stunning.  Oh, and the middle picture is just a really cute Dutch house.

Naw, thought I’d put at least one cute couply picture in there.  Yes, Andrew came too!  Being a fellow geographer and all that.  It was really weird actually, being on holiday with him but not being with him if you see what I mean.  We had 68 other geographers, 3 lecturers and 3 postgrads to keep us company.  It didn’t work out too bad though.  He was in my working group meaning I actually spent all day with him and we hung out in the evenings together in a big group.  So yeah, it worked well.  Oop, middle picture is my stunning new swatch watch.  BUT, I purchased it Duty Free so it doesn’t even count.  The picture on the left is my absolutely revolutionised idea of hot chocolate!  Warm milk, and actual chocolate.  Why did I not think of this before?!  Dutch, you are dreamboats.

Yes, we went to the sex museum.  Picture on the left is be sitting on a giant willy, standard.  (For anyone that cares I’m wearing blouse and denim jacket, both Dorothy Perkins, scarf from Zara, Urban Outfitters jeans and Converse.  I was a TOURIST, okay?!)  The middle picture is Josh, Bec, myself and Andrew on a night out.  But Amsterdam nights out are very different to Southampton nights out.  Coffee Shops.  That’s all I’m going to say on the matter.  And the left was just a cool sign.

Picture on the left is my STUNNING working group.  I’d never met the two girls Emma and Louise before, but we got on SO well!  There’s something about working together and being together for long periods of time in a new environment that just makes everybody bond.  I can’t wait to catch up with them both over some vino after Easter.  Yes, I went to McDonalds in Amsterdam, sue me.  But they officially did the best burger I have ever tasted.  A McKroket.  Exclusive to the Netherlands.  Which is short, is a cheese croquette in a burger.  It was so amazing that on the last night I had three at once.  And on the right, shows one of the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam, right in the middle of the Red Light District (which we did visit, but I didn’t manage to get any pictures of for fear of being shot).  It’s called Bulldog and it was incredible, inside it’s got heaps of pictures and autographs of all the famous people that have been there.  I’m talking Rihanna, Eminem, Shaggy, Andre 3000, The Black Eyed Peas … and Atomic Kitten!  I squealed a little bit when I saw their picture.

So that was Amsterdam.  The final picture shows my fab working group on the new I AMsterdam sign, and we cleverly just went in the DAM bit, I know right.  So smart.  So I had a great time.  Friends, fun and frolics.  All I could ask for.  When can I go again?!