Tour of my Handbag

Well hey there!  The first half of my Semester has ended meaning I have descended on Woking once again, to clean floors, an excess of food and a full garage.  Happy Days.  Meaning I have much more time to blog to you lovely people!  I’ve been meaning to do a Handbag Tour post for a long while, and here it is!  Welcome ..

ImageHere’s the handbag I’m on at the moment.  I tend to switch around as an when between this Cath Kidston beauty and my trusty Topshop slouch.  And here’s what I’m currently carrying:


  • Bottle of Water – Hydration is ESSENTIAL folks!
  • Balsalm Tissues
  • Miss Dior by Dior Perfume – Mini Edition for Daily Spritz’
  • Samsung S3 – The most amazing phone in the world!
  • Wallet – Picked up this beauty in a Thai Market, still perfect!
  • Clinique Compact Mirror and Powder
  • Hand Gel
  • Evelyn and Crabtree Hand Cream
  • Cherry Flavoured High Shine Lip Gloss
  • Clinique Hazelnut Chubby Stick – THE ONE.
  • Paracetamol
  • House Keys
  • Car Keys
  • Glasses
  • Moleskine Diary
  • Pen
  • Comb

What’s in your handbag?  Love Bella x



Wow, just wow.  Massive apologies for not blogging in a while, stuff has been pretty hectic.  Nevertheless, as the title suggests I am now free, absolutely free.

My last exam went well before rushing to the pub ordering Champagne and Camembert.  Standard.  I felt delightfully tipsy as I packed my case for New York.  I remember feeling nothing, it was bizarre.  The day before, after my Chemistry exam I had sobbed the whole journey home.  Nothing to do with the exam, that was fine, I just wept.  I still don’t really know why, maybe I was just being a girl, but A Level hell was nearly over.  The next day I felt nothing.  I sat in my car, just waiting for the explosion of emotion that I expected to hit me like a ton of bricks, and none came.  It still hasn’t.  The closest was a few goose bumpy tears on the plane, coinciding with the ‘StreetDance’ movie finale (Beautiful film if you ever get the chance to watch it).  Maybe it’s natural.  My friends thought so when I asked them about it, no tears, no relief, no fear, just nothing.  Hmm, I’ll update you if anything changes.

The whole freedom thing is a bit strange though.  For almost 2 years I’ve had my strict college routine and even stricter these past few months with revision.  Now I have nothing.  I bounded out of bed this morning with my head buzzing with study cards and highlighters, to be greeted with a day of nothing.  Lovely, but odd.  The freedom from technology for a week was definitely welcome.  I couldn’t be doing with my phone in the States and I only checked the Internet a couple of times, I just didn’t feel the need.  Before New York, I maybe updated Twitter and checked Facebook three, perhaps four times a day.  Now, I’m more than content with just once.

So I’m free.  Free from exams, from college, free from my life as I’ve known it these past two years.  Summer has officially arrived with a stunning trip to New York, stay tuned for that one.  I’ve fallen blissfully in love with life all over again.

What’s Happening

Basically, massive apologies for not blogging.  It hasn’t become a chore as such but I just don’t have a lot to say at the moment.  So I thought I’d let you lovely people know what’s going on with me and my life.

I have one week left of college which is an absolutely lovely feeling.  I don’t think I’ve been less emotionally attached to anywhere in my life.  I sobbed my heart out leaving secondary school but college?  I’m literally feeling nothing.  Granted, I’ve met some incredible people and had some amazing experiences but as for the place itself?  Not so much.  I think I’ll miss Godalming as a town more than I’ll miss Godalming as a college.  The beautiful cafes and countryside, the crazy summer walks, the car park times I’ll say a heartfelt goodbye to, but with not knowing 80% of the people and not experiencing 98% of the subjects – should I care?  Maybe I’m being cold about it, but I really won’t miss getting up at half six and having to climb a mountain up to it each day.

Coinciding with one week of college left, looms the inevitability of A Levels.  The most difficult, scary and stressful time of my life, without a doubt.  Never before has my life gone so slowly, so repetitive – get up, go to college, come home, revise and repeat.  Everyone says it’s only for a few months, and it totally is, but it doesn’t stop the motivation and concentration threatening to lack.  Coffee, jelly beans and silence keep me going, hand in hand with the very occasional night out.

I’ve been out a few times the past few weeks, I think you have to to stay sane.  With clashing timetables and people locked in thelibrary it can be difficult to see friends day in day out, so nights out every now and then aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity.  Tuesday took me to a bar in Woking for a friend’s 18th.  Great fun to let my hair down and have a boogie as I will tonight chilling out at a friend’s and Sunday for a BBQ.  Next Friday will be entertaining.  One of my friend’s is having a huge end of college BBQ, my absolute penultimate chance to have fun before Study Leave officially commences.  The last is Rod Stewart at the O2 a week tomorrow, I can’t flipping wait!

So there you go.  Nothing much cultural or exciting going on, just standard life as I love and live it.  Bring on summer please :)

Relationships That Make A Life

Taken from The Times Magazine, Radar page:

 Pedro – Please don’t think this is any sort of order.  My car, my baby, my Pedro.  I got him 11 months ago now and I love him to pieces.  I decided his black exterior but tempremental ways made him a stroppy gay Italian, but we get on very well.  Breaking down in the snow and making farting sounds every time I change gear add to his camp ways.  Sounds weird perhaps, but I can talk to Pedro, sing to him and just rock out.  Love.

My Girls – We can drink epic amounts of wine, we can shriek at each other, we can discuss politics and classical music, we can dance til we die, we can shop til we drop; I can literally do anything with my girls.  They know me inside out and will always be there.

My Lads – This is different sort of relationships.  Some friends fall into both Girl and Lad category (Ahem … Zante) involving pure banter at all times.  Mostly the beautiful friends I have at college, us Lads can bundle into a Micra 7 at a time and take the Michael out of each other til we can’t breathe for laughing.  My lunchtimes would be so dull without them.

My Parents – Both falling into Girl and Lad categories really but my Parents mean the world to me.  I can tell them anything.  I am so blessed to be so close to them and have such fun with them, our house is a mad one!

My life, really.  The Relationships That Make My Life.