Welcome to the 200th post of Bella’s Bits!  I quite like milestones like this, little as they may be.  It gives one a chance to quietly reflect on achievements.  For this, I’ll do as I did for 100 posts in the making and share with you some of my favourite pieces of writing and posts from the last couple of years.

Way back when in 2012, I wrote a couple of letters to my camera, which got an amazing response (view by clicking here).  One reader even told me I made them cry!  This was a piece of writing that was very much just me sitting down by myself and pouring out all my thoughts and emotions, albeit about a camera!  Fortunately, I found said camera a few days later and welcomed it back into my life with open arms here.

These last 100 posts have also seen my documents of various travels, along with #OOTDs to match.  You can read about Thailand, Australia, Cyprus and Paris by clicking.

Another post which had a good response was this one titled X Factor Humble Pie.  It involved my tipsy twitter ramblings whilst watching The X Factor a couple of years back, followed by sober reflections.  It speaks for itself really.

A couple of posts that I feel really showcase my style of writing include Social Media Madness and Bella Evening, the latter of which I almost titled ‘The Importance of Being Alone’.  I love this style of post, but I have to be in a certain kind of mood to write like this.  These just go to show how much life influences writing, and vice versa almost and how living and loving your life is the most important thing of all, and if that inspires writing, well it’s just a bonus really.

And finally, a post I’m most proud of is rather personal to me, 2013 an amazing year.  This was a rundown of all the accomplishments I’d achieved that year and even reading it now makes me swell with pride and emotion.  I believe that reflection is such a key part to progression and moving forward.  Sometimes, when you’re stuck in a rut or unsure of where life is headed, looking back can provide you with the motivation you need.  Being proud and happy of what you’ve achieved in the past can refocus your direction in life and remind yourself that you can do anything.  And that’s what this post did for me.

So a very happy 200 posts to Bella’s Bits, here’s to the next 200!


Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful,

A few days ago, I wrote you a letter about how I’d lost you.  How I couldn’t find you anywhere and what it was doing to me.  I’m now ecstatic to say, I found you.  I rang my parents after I wrote to you and nearly cried down the phone.  Whilst other people might not understand, photography is such a huge part of my life and it was killing me not having it.  They were wonderful.  They found a new camera that I could afford for Thailand but I just didn’t feel right about it, I didn’t feel settled.  I lay down on my bed, I didn’t want to think about replacing you.  I’d looked long and hard around my bedroom to find you, but not as long and hard as boyfriend did.  In half an hour he’d found you.  One of my handbags that I keep on top of my wardrobes had a ripped lining from the inside pocket, so when you look inside it, you wouldn’t have been able to see it.  After a feel around and granted, ripping the lining more, boyfriend found you.  I was so happy.  I am so happy.  Reunited at last.  Hello Beautiful, I can’t wait for the new adventures we are yet to have.

All My Love,


Dear Camera

Dear Camera,

You are lost, you’ve been lost for a few months now and I’m slowly getting to breaking point.  I don’t want to replace you, but I feel I might have to.  It was a few months ago the morning after a night out that I was uploading photos and laughing about what a great night I’d had, I haven’t seen you since.  I don’t think you’ve been stolen from me, we’ve had burglars before who were very careful to take chargers with laptops and cameras and your charger is still where it always is, on my bookshelf, just waiting to be connected with you.  You’re not on my desk, you’re not in my important box or my man drawer.  You’re not under the bed and you’re not in any of my handbags.  I don’t want to give up, but I might have to.  I’m going travelling for a whole month soon and I won’t function without you, or a replacement of you.  I don’t want to buy a new one of you, I’ve been fine with my phone camera since I’ve lost you and was waiting until I move out of my house to see if I find you then, but now my phone has broken and I have no form of taking photos, and it’s really really hard.  So Camera, I’m sorry but I’m not going to wait for you, I just can’t.  I need a camera.  I need to take photos of things, items I buy, what I’m wearing, the boyfriend doing something cute, what I’m eating, my friends pulling stupid faces; I need to remember those moments forever and ever, and all the while you’re lost and I have no replacement of you, I can’t do that.  You’ve seen so many things.  You’ve seen so many smiles, laughs, crazy things, fun things; you’ve seen so much.  Maybe it’s time for another camera to experience and share my life with me, I’m sorry.  So I’m replacing you camera.  I’m sorry.  Take care, wherever you are.

All My Love,