At the weekend, I went glamping.  Or rather, hashtag glamping as I feel it should be said.  Nestled deep in the depths of the Sussex countryside (we didn’t even find out the location until we booked) we went to EcoCampUK (, a completely off grid camspide where all we had to bring was food and bedding.  As a keen camper (every year since I was 9) this was an absolute walk in the park for me but for boyfriend, who hasn’t camped since Beavers, we decided on a glamping holiday to ease him into the outdoor lifestyle.

It was absolutely beautiful.  On the first night, giddy on love, laughter and too much wine we put our fire out and scuttled into the tent to play scrabble.  It was only hazily around 5am where I heard the pounding of rain on our bell tent I realised we had left ALL our firewood outside in the pouring rain.  The ultimate facepalm moment.  Undeterred, we just about managed to make a fire using the wood from the bottom of the bag and my ‘Ideal Home’ magazine (sob, hick, sob), but shortly after, packed it in and went to the pub.

We went for long country walks, read that book I’ve been meaning to for so long, had a digital detox, drank wine, mastered the game Triominos (it’s amazing!) and spent pure, quality time together as a couple where our only company was the distant mooing of cows (oh, and woodmice come sundown).  On our last night we had a lazy stroll around the adjacent farmyard field, looking up at the stars.  It always strikes me how incredibly bright, light, powerful and beautiful they are away from the hustle and bustle of the city suburbs.  My weekend was peaceful, contemplative and I’m home feeling utterly refreshed.

Beautiful Sussex Countryside

Beautiful Sussex Countryside


Our Bell Tent

Woodland View

Woodland View

Countryside Canopy

Countryside Canopy

Fall in love with life, I dare you.



Interiors Scrapbook

I’ve had one of those weeks.  Just one of those weeks, you know?  Anyway, here I am educating you all about my Interiors Scrapbook!  I started this baby (similar to Book of Books which you can read about HERE: ) in March 2012 when Boyfriend bought me an Ideal Home magazine subscription for my birthday.  He could obviously tell I was nesting already, haha!  Anyway, it’s chockablock with cutouts from various interiors magazines with ideas that I love.  Here it is!




ImageAs much as I would love to have all these gorgeous bits and bobs, wallpapers, colour coordinated stationary, french dressers and draping curtains .. I can’t right now.  (You can read why here: )  But this scrapbook is an enjoyable hobby, and a book of ideas for the future.  Do you have any scrapbooks?


Book of Books

So, way back when in 2007, I decided to start writing down all the books I read.  In honesty, I can’t quite remember why.  Nevertheless, this habit has turned into quite a passionate little hobby of mine leading me to write down every book I read, and when I read it.  It has created the self-titled ‘Book of Books’ (imaginative, I know!)  I think at the back of my mind I have some idea I might give my Book of Books to my children, so they can see what books I read and at what point of my life.  A personal literary guide, if you like.

The Book of Books contains all the books I have read for pleasure.  Through education, reading was no longer a hobby but a necessity.  I would spend my 9-5 reading journal articles, books, newspapers; all in research for the next essay or exam.  Thus, snuggling up at the end of the day with a personal book of choice was just no longer an option for me.  The words just jumbled on the page and I couldn’t make sense of it.  My relaxation through A levels and Uni became TV and Films instead, and the Book of Books was thrust into a drawer, throughout term time anyway.  Christmas, Easter and Summer have always been a different story (see what I did there..?!) filled to the brim with what I’ve read.

I’m not claiming to be any sort of literary genius, nothing of the sort.  90% of the books I’ve read are absolute trash (I’m talking Katie Price ‘novels’, a book titled ‘Essex Girls’ and a Lauren Conrad trilogy).  But the point is, I needed to read those books at specific points of my life.  I needed to get lost in a stupid love story and read about vajazzles and Los Angeles, just to stay sane.  University was hard and I poured so much concentration and effort into it.  So when I had a holiday, instead of 45 page long articles with 300 references, all I wanted to read was rubbish.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As I’m getting older and wiser and have more time (for now) I’m trying to read more.  I’m attempting to alternate a ‘trashy’ book with a more grownup book, and for now it’s working out quite nicely.  Reading is now back at the forefront of my life as a hobby I know and love, and hopefully the Book of Books will continue to grow for many years to come.




Have you got a Book of Books?

A Day in the Life of … Bella!

Hey guys!  So I’m SO sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  Third year pressures mounting up and up, assignments, exams etc .. not to mention POINTLESS which we’re filming tomorrow, AH!  (The BBC show with Alexander Armstrong, gonna be AWESOME).  This post is basically ‘A Day in the Life of ME’ to show you guys just how busy I am right now.  I have a few deadlines coming up over the next week or two so will hopefully be able to post a bit more then.  Anyway.  Here goes:

8.24am – roll out of bed still SO full from Frankie and Benny’s meal (NOM) the night before and hit the shower

8.40am – moisturise.  beauty routine must be priority now kids!

8.44am – make an incredibly large cup of coffee and drink it in front of Lorraine.

9.06am – get dressed and sort out my hair/face.

9.24am – have another coffee and ring my Mum.

9.39am- – sort out my bag for the day and print out all my lecture slides.

9.59am – leave for Uni.

10.12am – arrive Uni and head to the shop.  FYI, I purchased a new notepad, some dairylea dunkers and some salt and vinegar french fries.

10.16am – return my library books and issue my new ones I had waiting for me.

10.21am – sit down in the library and begin work.

11.55am – cheeky break to read some bloglovin.

12.27pm – leave libes, sit down in cafe and have my lunch of sushi and snacks.

12.52pm – meet boyfriend.  wait for him as he has a meeting and read my Lauren Conrad book.

1.35pm – sit down with another coffee with boyfriend and make some phone calls, including a 30 minute conversation with Pointless man.

2.45pm – sit down in lecture.

4.49pm – leave lecture and meet parents who have come down for the evening.

5.25pm – arrive Trago Lounge restaurant and eat delicious food catching up with rents.

7.16pm – arrive home and resort out my face, putting makeup on and getting dressed for a night out.

8.05pm – pre drinks start including Ring of Fire, the Post It note game, Smiles game and Obstacle game (don’t ask)

10.54pm – head off and out to Jesters

2.22pm – arrive back home and hit the hay.

So just a standard Thursday in the life of Bella, hence why I am REALLY busy right now.  I’ll try and get back to regular posts soon.  In the meantime .. POINTLESS!  Laters kids.