Cyprus Swimwear

Hello from Cyprus!  I do hope the weather is as glorious wherever you are as it is here (35 degrees).  If so, well done.  I’m away with Boyfriend and his family in a beautiful hotel in the Coral Bay area, near Paphos of Southern Cyprus, and it is just gorgeous.  I’ve had a spa treatment, done a Pilates class, eaten caviar and drunk champagne.  Enough said.

I haven’t been on a proper beach holiday in a good couple of years, since Boyfriend and I headed to Turkey in 2011.  I’ve of course, worn swimwear whilst travelling, but I didn’t really care the same way about misshapen swimsuits and mismatching bikinis.  I think there’s just something about travelling and living out of a backpack that means you let yourself go.  But on holiday?  Everyone wants to look and feel their best, and rightly so!    Thus, a couple of weeks ago, it was necessary to pop to Westfield at Shepherd’s Bush to purchase a few key items.  After three hours trawling the shops, and an hour in a Debenhams cubicle I finally found some beautiful pieces, that I feel really suit me and my body shape, and I thought I’d share.  Here’s what I’m wearing this holiday:

Gorgeous Bikini

This bikini is from the ‘Gorgeous’ range at Debenhams.   I showed Boyfriend and he instantly called me Wilma, from the Flintstones, but no matter!  I like it anyway.  I think the leopard print pattern is poolside daring which I love, but is given a ‘glam’ factor by the gold clasps.  I also love that the bikini top gives sufficent boob support and that the bottoms come up a bit higher.  This is a great bikini for swimming lengths or playing volleyball.

Floozie Swimsuit

This bikini is from the ‘Floozie’ by Frost French range at Debenhams – a fast growing favourite brand of mine!  I absolutely love this swimsuit, first and foremost because it’s so comfortable.  It’s also incredibly flattering, for any bodyshape.  The fifties style hipster peplum covers a multitude of sins and the colour and pattern is so eyecatching by the pool.

Floozie Bikini Top

Floozie Bikini Bottoms

The second bikini is again from the ‘Floozie’ by Frost French range at Debenhams.  This is more of a sunbathey bikini as opposed to a watersports bikini.  The strap detaches for even tanlines and the skirt style bottoms add protection for the tops of the legs (where I seem to burn so badly!).  This fifties style bikini is another flattering item for my curvy shape, and another comfy one too!

Are you having any holidays this summer?  What items are you wearing?  Take care!

(N.B. All items can be found on the Debenhams website – this is NOT a sponsored post)


Surf Wishlist

So I’m currently in Cornwall.  Surfing, in Cornwall.  Cue waves of ‘Let’s move to Cornwall!’, ‘I’m gonna bleach my hair!’, ‘Let’s buy a surfboard!’.  At the end of the day I just need to say, Bella, No.  You are not a surfer chick, your boyfriend is not a surfer dude, you are not cool, you cannot surf and you will never be able to do a barrell.  Sad but true.  But the girl can dream.

1)  I don’t really need these Animal trainers.  I don’t even really like these.  But if I had to buy a pair of surfy style shoes, these would be them.  Looking through all the surfy clothes online, I felt like I needed some shoes on a list.  A cute colour, but that’s it.

2)  These are some ‘pants’ from Ripcurl.  They would be great on Summer evenings with a tight cardy and scarf.  Not sure about the shoes though.

3)   I think this Hurley dress is beautiful.  The colours are gorgeous.  What gets me about surfy fashion websites (because before now, I’ve never really explored them)  is the sincere lack of prices.  I”m guessing this would be from £50 to $60.

4)  Another beaut from Hurley.  Just gorgeous patchwork style boardies, perfect with a bikini (rather than a kaftan) for playing frisbee.

5)  A lovely Fat Face jacket.  I think the colour is beautiful, other than the dirt it might pick up.  I hate the dilemma, in summer or winter, in being freezing and wearing a massive coat, walking, sweating, stripping and carrying the massive coat.  Nightmare.  Fingers crossed this would rectify that.

6)  Lovely Ripcurl top.  This is the kind of thing I would buy in XXXXXXXL and wear over a bikini, beaut.

I heart Cornwall.