August Verbs

I must admit, I’m utterly baffled as to how we’ve ended up at the end of August.  This month has been amazing, I’ve finished #masterslife and had a few beautiful weeks off before starting full time life shortly.  It’s been a goodun.  Here’s what’s happened:

Watching:  The Inbetweeners

These Boys

These Boys

With the dawn of the new Inbetweeners film (which apparently I won’t find that amusing seeing as I ‘did’ Australia last year) I felt it was necessary to begin the whole series from scratch.  I originally watched the first film after a year’s gap from the series and couldn’t see the humour.  I’m hoping recapping will make the newest movie even better when I get round to cinematic viewing.

Reading:  Bridget Jones, Mad About The Boy – Helen Fielding

Grated cheese, anyone?

Grated cheese, anyone?

The latest Bridget Jones book!  I still haven’t finished so pretty please don’t divulge any necessary information from the story line, but I have to say I’m loving it.  Only half way through I’ve already laughed, already cried, and already drawn a frightening amount of similarities between myself and Jonesy all these years on (bags of grated cheese anyone?!).  A must read.

Listening To: B.O.B

Style: "normal start"

Another Gossip Girl find I’m afraid (guilty!).  I previously only knew B.O.B from ‘that song with the one from Paramore’ but I’ve been trawling Spotify and I have to say I’m rather impressed.  His tunes make great kitchen choreo too.

Wearing on my Body: Denim Jacket

It looks a bit like this.

It looks a bit like this.

With this BEAUTIFUL August weather we’ve been having, the sheared denim jacket has just had to make an appearance.  A comfy classic.

Wearing on my Face:  Nothing

I'll go with that.

I’ll go with that.

Sorry to be boring, yet again!  I have however been testing out my everyday work make-up face and think I’ve pretty much got the look down, so this subsection might be more exciting next month!

Eating: Out



This month has seen countless pub trips, restaurant stops, BBQs, family friend buffets and house parties.  My social life has been off the chain this month (golly) which has meant I’ve barely cooked!  Next month, I’m looking forward to lighting candles and having longer nights in with some autumnal plate of yumminess I’ve conjured.

Drinking: Bubbles

download (1)

I think this goes hand in hand with all the social events I’ve been a part of this month – dahling.

What have you been up to this August?

Gonna Party Like .. it’s 2012

In a few short hours it won’t be 2012 anymore!  Usually I’m one to get sad and emotional about that, I’m not a massive fan of New Years Eve and the concept of time terrifies me but nevertheless I have decided to embrace it by looking over the highlights of my year and looking forward to a bright 2013.

So, in 2012 I:

  • Rebranded my blog!  ‘BellasBits’ was born.
  • Competed in dance competitions around the country, falling back in love with music and movement and getting to know some of my squad better.
  • Visited the Ideal Home Show and loved it, bring on 2013!
  • Saw Steps and The Throne at the 02, as well as climbing over it!
  • Went on some amazing travels: Amsterdam, Thailand, Berlin, Edinburgh, Bruges.
  • Went on my first real road trip down to Cornwall, surfing included!
  • Learned to like Sauvingnon Blanc (but not how to spell it ..) – shocker!
  • Became instaobsessed.
  • Learnt how to BBQ like a pro.
  • Played ‘Pointless’ .. for real!
  • Learned to love myself as my friends, family and amazing boyfriend all love me.

2012 has been a very special year for me.  I’ve worked incredibly hard, as I will continue to do so, I’ve learnt alot about myself and will continue to better myself, I’ve experienced and loved every day to the full, and will continue to do so, as 2013 dawns and every year after that.  2012 has also been a very special year for our country.  I know we’ve been hearing/seeing/reading about this absolutely everywhere so I won’t go into it to much, but felt like it deserved a mention (Go Brits, woo.).  So as 2013 dawns, I am looking to the future and what I wish to achieve.  I’ve got lots of exciting plans for Bellas Bits in 2013 so stick around, and we can continue this incredible journey they call ‘life’ together.  And please say hello!  I would really love to get to know you all better :)

Happy New Year!

What Happened In May

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about what had happened in May so far, me thinking that a plethora of things would happen between then and now, but alas, I was wrong.  A heatwave happened.  And with heatwaves come BBQs, bikinis and beer.  Nothing to complain about mind you, just not much to blog about.  So here’s a snappy round up of the second half of may.

1)  BBQ Season!  Here’s a photo of me looking pretty unimpressed caught off guard with my king prawn skewers.  Absolutely delicious.  Chop up two or three cloves of garlic and melt up about a quarter of a tub of butter in a sauce pan then stir together and pour over king prawns in a bowl.  Make sure that all the prawns are coated in the garlic butter marinade and pop in the fridge for an hour.  Then stick them on some skewers and BBQ them for ten to fifteen minutes.  Perfect.  I’m wearing crop bandeau from New Look and maxi skirt from BooHoo.

2)  And exams have ended!  Which means plenty of wild nights out and about, including those where you carry chairs back at three in the morning.  Standard student fun.

3)  Sorry for being soppy, but I kind of love this picture of me and the boy.  I’m wearing a TK Maxx dress and his shirt is from Topman.  This weekend we’re celebrating our 18 month anniversary (all together now, awwwwwwwww) by road tripping to Newquay for surfing and the Diamond Jubilee.  Going to be lush!

4)  More cooking!  I don’t know what’s come over me.  Here is a homemade pizza that I  produced as procrastination one day.  From scratch!  We made the dough (with a pre mix pack but come on!), added mozzarella and pizza sauce, chorizo, salami and olives.  And did I mention the cheese string stuffed crust?!  Delicious.

5)  With procrastination, has come the arrival of a new card game; S***Head.  Don’t ask me why it’s called that, I really don’t know.  All I know is that it’s one of the most fun card games I have ever played and we play it pretty much all the time.  Google it.

6)  And this pic is just another garden shot.  Story of our freaking lives.


Meet Me Halfway

(I wrote this last night when wordpress was down.  Hence the NOW uploadage.)  So that’s it.  I’m officially halfway!  3 down, 3 to go.  Such an incredible feeling.  Between flitting in and out of college for revision sessions I’ve had a Tesco clothes shopping spree, seen my girls, hung out at the pub and had boozy bbqs galore.  It’s going good.  With an entire subject completed and out the way I revise nonstop, just less of the subjects.  Silly Annabel just thought the revision would let up, apparently not. It’s okay though, the subjects are relatively enjoyable and my ridiculous rainbow of revision notes keeps me going throughout the day.

I’ve also come to rely upon cottage cheese on crackers (thanks Rosie) and copius amounts of salami, combined with standard coffee, jelly beans and poppadoms.  Yes, so whilst my revision diet has been growing profusely, so has my stomach.  Refer to previous post ‘Empowered’ but I’m definitely going to try and eat healthier.  Today I went on a run, an actual run.  It was beyond excruciating but now I feel lovely!    So hope you’ve enjoyed my miniature blog about what I’ve been up to, I’m off to blow my burnt calories on the World Cup and beer.  Laters!

What’s Happening

Basically, massive apologies for not blogging.  It hasn’t become a chore as such but I just don’t have a lot to say at the moment.  So I thought I’d let you lovely people know what’s going on with me and my life.

I have one week left of college which is an absolutely lovely feeling.  I don’t think I’ve been less emotionally attached to anywhere in my life.  I sobbed my heart out leaving secondary school but college?  I’m literally feeling nothing.  Granted, I’ve met some incredible people and had some amazing experiences but as for the place itself?  Not so much.  I think I’ll miss Godalming as a town more than I’ll miss Godalming as a college.  The beautiful cafes and countryside, the crazy summer walks, the car park times I’ll say a heartfelt goodbye to, but with not knowing 80% of the people and not experiencing 98% of the subjects – should I care?  Maybe I’m being cold about it, but I really won’t miss getting up at half six and having to climb a mountain up to it each day.

Coinciding with one week of college left, looms the inevitability of A Levels.  The most difficult, scary and stressful time of my life, without a doubt.  Never before has my life gone so slowly, so repetitive – get up, go to college, come home, revise and repeat.  Everyone says it’s only for a few months, and it totally is, but it doesn’t stop the motivation and concentration threatening to lack.  Coffee, jelly beans and silence keep me going, hand in hand with the very occasional night out.

I’ve been out a few times the past few weeks, I think you have to to stay sane.  With clashing timetables and people locked in thelibrary it can be difficult to see friends day in day out, so nights out every now and then aren’t a luxury, they’re a necessity.  Tuesday took me to a bar in Woking for a friend’s 18th.  Great fun to let my hair down and have a boogie as I will tonight chilling out at a friend’s and Sunday for a BBQ.  Next Friday will be entertaining.  One of my friend’s is having a huge end of college BBQ, my absolute penultimate chance to have fun before Study Leave officially commences.  The last is Rod Stewart at the O2 a week tomorrow, I can’t flipping wait!

So there you go.  Nothing much cultural or exciting going on, just standard life as I love and live it.  Bring on summer please :)