One Day

No, that isn’t me being all gooey and looking off, dreaming into the distance.  It’s the movie, ‘One Day’.  Or the book with the orange cover, that I haven’t actually read.  ‘Ohhh’ I hear you say.  Well, not really.  I’m currently on a train with no internet access and an out of battery Kindle so blogging was my only option.

It was … er, lovely?!  Last week, in the midst of revision I sat down and thought what movie I could get ready to watch this evening, ‘One Day’, yes that looks nice.  I like Anne Hathaway, ooh and Ramola Garai’s in it as well.  Yep, definitely watching that.  So 8pm comes, my books and folders are snapped shut and put away, I light some candles and go get a nice chilled bottle of wine and snuggle up to watch my romcom.  Rom WHAT?!  Rom sadder than the notebook more like!

I loved the fact it was set in the 1990s, I love the 1990s.  I love the dance music (Sonique, please be my friend), I love the movies (hello, Jurassic Park?!) and I love the fashion.  In one scene, she’s wearing a floaty summer tea dress, a denim jacket and doc martins.  I love the main female character Emma, she’s basically me, just without the dodgy accent.  Emma is supposed to be from Bradford, but Anne Hathaway, being very American, cannot do Bradford.  Cue Queen’s English with a Scottish twang, but if you can get past that, she really was very good in it.

So the movie’s tottering along quite nicely, he’s become an alcoholic, she’s moved to Paris, it’s all going very well.  I won’t spoil it if you fancy a watch but the bicycle scene, what was that?!  I have never been more shocked.  It was the Mean Girls humour, in a really anti Mean Girls film!  I was so annoyed.  So lots of tissues were needed, or rather toilet paper (I am a student) and as the film ended, so did my bottle and I went downstairs to see my housemates.

It left no lasting effect.  No lasting moral.  No lasting anything really.  I mean, it was worth a watch if you’ve nothing else to do, but I don’t think I’ll be giving it a second viewing.  I might try the book though, because that’s supposed to be a good read.  Ho hum.  So One Day, did anybody else have any thoughts on it?!