Home Alone – Kevin, The Fashion Icon

I had a pretty chilled Sunday afternoon.  I watched Home Alone, burnt my new Yankee Candle and wrote all my Christmas cards with a cuppa and a mince pie.  Jubbly.  It was only after I got thinking how freaking cool the character Kevin is in Home Alone!  I mean, alone all by himself, no crazy family .. every kid’s dream come true to have free reign over the house!  Not just that though, his outfits.  That kid has style!  See what I mean?

Image1)  Grey, White and Red Fairisle Beanie – Topman – £12.00

2)  Burgundy Mohair Mix Knitted Snood – New Look – £7.99

3)  Light Brown Patterned Sleeve Jacket – River Island – £85.00

4)  Loom Tartan Wool Scarf – Franco Ferrari at Harvey Nichols – £185.00


Cheap Monday Marble Jumper – Cheap Monday at ASOS – £50.00


1)  Bomber Jacket by Schott NYC – Topshop – £150.00

2)  Scandi Fairisle Beanie – Topshop – £14.00

3)  Classic Cabe V Neck – Crew Clothing Company – £58.00

4)  Linea 100% Wool Scarf – House of Fraser – Was £39.00 Now £29.00

Well I certainly want to dress like Kevin.  Nothing like a little fash inspo from a favourite childhood Christmas movie, ciao!

Titanic 3D


So right now marks the 100th Anniversary of the sailing, and alas, the sinking of the HMS Titanic.  Being a Southampton citizen I think I’m feeling this a lot more than regular people so decided to drag the boyfriend to see Titanic on the big screen … in 3D.  I love the movie; I know I love the movie.  It never fails to bring a tear to my eye, I can recite every line (my favourites being: ‘Take her to see Mr Murdoch’ and ‘Is anyone alive out there?’  Yes, I know I’m sad) and I dance along every time to Irish Party in 3rd Class.  And I own the James Horner soundtrack.  So imagine my excitement when it was rereleased in 3D, if nothing else but to see a 3D boob; I could not wait.

So every other film I’ve seen at the cinema in 3D (Avatar, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and of course, Tin Tin), I have seen under the influence of a little bit of alcohol.  You crazy person!  I hear the cries.  But no, it generally makes for, in my opinion, better overall viewing and entertainment.  If I’m watching a movie in my own home, I will do so with a few glasses of wine, so why not in the cinema too?  Exactly.

So I decanted my Pinot into a Buxton and skipped off to the cinema wearing my comfiest, warmest outfit (cinemas are freezing!) and settled into the film.  For some reason, it was so much funnier!  Now, I don’t know if I’m just a ditz and missed all the jokes the first time so only laughed along cause the man did, but it was just so comical!  I think seeing the guy from Thunderbirds in HD was funny enough in its own right to be honest.

But the action scenes! AMAZING!  Other than the scene where everyone is flapping about in the sea dying and you can totally see the edge of the swimming pool in the background, they were so real.  So incredible.  I.  Was.  Sobbing.  I mean, actually sobbing.  The kind of sobbing where you stop and can’t breathe for a moment then erupts again.  It was embarrassing. But maybe that what 3D does?  Generic, cliché and predictable … but makes everything come a bit more to life?  Makes everything just that bit better?  I think so.


But seriously for a minute now, the Titanic means a lot to me.  I have no personal links to it, but every few months when I had down to Southampton docks to visit my Doctor I look around at all the pubs thinking which one Jack Dawson won his ticket in.  When I’ve accidentally slept with my window open and a cruise liner horn wakes me up I instantly think of the Titanic.  When my bus drives by the Titanic Museum I always think, I MUST get off and go inside.  And I tell you what, I’m going to.

So Titanic in 3D was amazing but RIP HMS Titanic and all the souls lost upon it, you are all in my prayers.

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

So on Sunday evening I was dragged to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel with my Mum and Grandma.  Okay, not dragged.  But it got to 5pm and to tell you the truth I really couldn’t be bothered to get myself out of my PJs and head to Woking town centre to the cinema.  But I’m so glad I did.

This is IMBD’s synopsis of the movie:

‘British retirees travel to India to take up residence in what they believe is a newly restored hotel. Less luxurious than its advertisements, the Marigold Hotel nevertheless slowly begins to charm in unexpected ways.’

Sounds boring?  It really wasn’t.  Cue gold actors and actresses Bill Nighy, Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Celia Imrie and Penelope Wilton along with Skins and Slumdog Millionaire’s Dev Patel frolicking around India.  For quintessentially an old persons movie, it was very bold to have homosexual and racist story lines within it.

What I found most interest was the similarity of my Mother and Grandmother to two of the characters.  My Mother to Judi Dench, a cultural adviser in an Indian telecommunications office, which my Mum is, and my grandmother to Maggie Smith, an elderly lady with a hip replacement.  Maybe that’s why I found it so endearing, but it was absolutely hilarious too with cracking one liners and sex scenes.

It also portrayed a story line that is close to me.  It breaks my heart to see members of my family and family friends in unhappy relationships and marriages, thinking that they are too old to break away and start afresh or to have a life change.  The film involved one couple, mid to late 50s I would say divorcing after 30 odd years of marriage to start again and be happy in new lives which I thought was beautiful.  I’m sure everybody can think of at least one couple that could do with seeing this movie.

So basically, it was wonderful.  Funny, charming, endearing, saucy and fiesty would be some words to describe it.  And 7.5 stars from IMDB … not bad.

One Day

No, that isn’t me being all gooey and looking off, dreaming into the distance.  It’s the movie, ‘One Day’.  Or the book with the orange cover, that I haven’t actually read.  ‘Ohhh’ I hear you say.  Well, not really.  I’m currently on a train with no internet access and an out of battery Kindle so blogging was my only option.

It was … er, lovely?!  Last week, in the midst of revision I sat down and thought what movie I could get ready to watch this evening, ‘One Day’, yes that looks nice.  I like Anne Hathaway, ooh and Ramola Garai’s in it as well.  Yep, definitely watching that.  So 8pm comes, my books and folders are snapped shut and put away, I light some candles and go get a nice chilled bottle of wine and snuggle up to watch my romcom.  Rom WHAT?!  Rom sadder than the notebook more like!

I loved the fact it was set in the 1990s, I love the 1990s.  I love the dance music (Sonique, please be my friend), I love the movies (hello, Jurassic Park?!) and I love the fashion.  In one scene, she’s wearing a floaty summer tea dress, a denim jacket and doc martins.  I love the main female character Emma, she’s basically me, just without the dodgy accent.  Emma is supposed to be from Bradford, but Anne Hathaway, being very American, cannot do Bradford.  Cue Queen’s English with a Scottish twang, but if you can get past that, she really was very good in it.

So the movie’s tottering along quite nicely, he’s become an alcoholic, she’s moved to Paris, it’s all going very well.  I won’t spoil it if you fancy a watch but the bicycle scene, what was that?!  I have never been more shocked.  It was the Mean Girls humour, in a really anti Mean Girls film!  I was so annoyed.  So lots of tissues were needed, or rather toilet paper (I am a student) and as the film ended, so did my bottle and I went downstairs to see my housemates.

It left no lasting effect.  No lasting moral.  No lasting anything really.  I mean, it was worth a watch if you’ve nothing else to do, but I don’t think I’ll be giving it a second viewing.  I might try the book though, because that’s supposed to be a good read.  Ho hum.  So One Day, did anybody else have any thoughts on it?!


You guys heard of it?  If not, absolute shame on you.  Andy and I began watching the first series about six months ago and became absolutely hooked.  Now on Series 4, I’m now more excited to see him for a night in, in order to watch Dexter than just to see him, ha!  For those of you who don’t know, Dexter is the hit American TV series surrounding the life of sociopath serial killer Dexter Morgan.  It’s just amazing, the way the writers make you laugh, cry, gasp and essentially fall in love with such an evil disgusting man.  It’s incredible.  Not to mention the cliff hangers series to series, I jump around the room in excitement for all of thirty seconds, before watching Episode 1 of the next series straight away, oh the joys of downloading.

It’s also really made me want to go to Miami!  After Britain and Island’s Next Top Model AND Kelly’s X Factor girls heading there, the stars are telling me it’s totally a-go-go!  The Cuban dancing bars, the beautiful white beaches, the sailing, the beautiful bustling vibe EVERYWHERE you go.  I actually can’t wait.  After finding a holiday deal for just £500 for an entire week there … yes I know, it’s scarily plausible.  Just sacrificing one night out a week at Uni from now til Summer … BOOM, money saved.  Apologies, I’m getting carried away.

Essentially, it’s incredible. I’m not really a ‘series’ kind of person.  I can’t concentrate for more than an hour without a cup of tea and some jelly beans, and I can get very confused by too many in a cast and an over the top amount of story lines.  But Dexter has it just right, I flipping love it.  So, a quick post, procrastination in the middle of journal writing when my internet went down.  But yes, if you’re going to watch one series start to finish before you die (other than The West Wing, obviously), I would recommend Dexter.



My first experience of the iconic 1960 ‘horror’ movie was on Tuesday, midday in a packed Library.  Being a wimp, I was terrified.  Thinking that being surrounded by people in the afternoon sunshine would make me fine, I was horribly wrong.  The first 40 minutes were fine, until the shower scene.  I’ve never been so frightened.  I couldn’t listen to the music, I couldn’t look, and when I did, I saw a beautiful woman being hacked to death through the shower curtain.  I’ve opted for our clear shower screen ever since.

Despite really enjoying the film, I did find it terryfying.  Being an A2 English Literature student studying Gothic Literature, our ongoing task is to read, and watch films around the Gothic Genre.  Thinking Hitchcock being 50 years old would be the most tame, ‘Psycho’ seemed the logical option.  I had no idea I would have to sleep with my light on and wake up in cold sweats for the next 3 nights.

I was even more shocked to discover that my viewing of ‘Psycho’ coincides with it’s 50 year anniversary, and so it’s re-release at Cinemas this Friday.  Along with numerous articles about the naked shower woman not actually being Janet Leigh, but Playbunny Marli Renfro and the argument of being the first horror film of all time, I felt very moved.  Looking back, yes, the film was scary, but more so powerful.  A very powerful film.  I certainly didn’t expect the ending and I loved giving the time to watch and enjoy a vintage black and white picture.  A must see.