Interiors Scrapbook

I’ve had one of those weeks.  Just one of those weeks, you know?  Anyway, here I am educating you all about my Interiors Scrapbook!  I started this baby (similar to Book of Books which you can read about HERE: ) in March 2012 when Boyfriend bought me an Ideal Home magazine subscription for my birthday.  He could obviously tell I was nesting already, haha!  Anyway, it’s chockablock with cutouts from various interiors magazines with ideas that I love.  Here it is!




ImageAs much as I would love to have all these gorgeous bits and bobs, wallpapers, colour coordinated stationary, french dressers and draping curtains .. I can’t right now.  (You can read why here: )  But this scrapbook is an enjoyable hobby, and a book of ideas for the future.  Do you have any scrapbooks?



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