Book of Books

So, way back when in 2007, I decided to start writing down all the books I read.  In honesty, I can’t quite remember why.  Nevertheless, this habit has turned into quite a passionate little hobby of mine leading me to write down every book I read, and when I read it.  It has created the self-titled ‘Book of Books’ (imaginative, I know!)  I think at the back of my mind I have some idea I might give my Book of Books to my children, so they can see what books I read and at what point of my life.  A personal literary guide, if you like.

The Book of Books contains all the books I have read for pleasure.  Through education, reading was no longer a hobby but a necessity.  I would spend my 9-5 reading journal articles, books, newspapers; all in research for the next essay or exam.  Thus, snuggling up at the end of the day with a personal book of choice was just no longer an option for me.  The words just jumbled on the page and I couldn’t make sense of it.  My relaxation through A levels and Uni became TV and Films instead, and the Book of Books was thrust into a drawer, throughout term time anyway.  Christmas, Easter and Summer have always been a different story (see what I did there..?!) filled to the brim with what I’ve read.

I’m not claiming to be any sort of literary genius, nothing of the sort.  90% of the books I’ve read are absolute trash (I’m talking Katie Price ‘novels’, a book titled ‘Essex Girls’ and a Lauren Conrad trilogy).  But the point is, I needed to read those books at specific points of my life.  I needed to get lost in a stupid love story and read about vajazzles and Los Angeles, just to stay sane.  University was hard and I poured so much concentration and effort into it.  So when I had a holiday, instead of 45 page long articles with 300 references, all I wanted to read was rubbish.  And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

As I’m getting older and wiser and have more time (for now) I’m trying to read more.  I’m attempting to alternate a ‘trashy’ book with a more grownup book, and for now it’s working out quite nicely.  Reading is now back at the forefront of my life as a hobby I know and love, and hopefully the Book of Books will continue to grow for many years to come.




Have you got a Book of Books?

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