I’m Back!

Bella’s Back!  How are you guys?  Gosh, it feels like months, well, it has been months!  What have you all been up to?

In Bellaworld, I finished University with a 2:1, so really over the moon about that!  I’m so happy with my grade.  I worked so hard throughout University and especially in my Final Year (which correlated with lack of blog posts) so all the blood, sweat and tears felt worth it.  It’s also been quite emotional, leaving Uni.  Saying goodbye to all the friends I’ve lived with for nearly three years was tough.  I’ll still see them of course, but not every day, which will take some getting used to.  It does mean that when we do see each other, it will be more quality time which is important.

So a week after my last exam, Boyfriend and I did something really spontaneous … we booked a last minute trip to Australia!  I have lots of family over there who we surprised at a birthday party which went so well.  We hung out with family, ate too much, drank too much, acted like complete tourists and partied.  It was most probably the best holiday of my life. 

And a week after getting home from Australia, I’ve got a flat!  Which is also really exciting.

So bringing us to here.  I’ve got the summer ‘off’ now so to speak so expect many more posts coming your way regarding fashion, culture, travel, food, beauty and more.  See you soon!



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