Explanation Part 5

Well hello there.  So this is another Explanation post, for my lack of posts so far this year, and apologies (if you like) in advance for a lack of upcoming posts also (woof, a bit of a mouthful!)  I keep planning things to write, I have lists of topics and posts and ideas, I take pictures of my outfits and write notes in review of a place I’ve been or something I’ve done … but none of them quite make it to Bella’s Bits world.  I’m just a bit too busy.  As you know, I’m in my final year of Uni, and for the next 6/8 weeks, that has to come first.  So, until I graduate, I am leaving blogging world.  Not for good!  Just for now.  I feel guilty about flippant posts here and there.  Blogging is something I love doing, whether 3 people or 300 people read, I love it, and I want to make good quality work for people to enjoy reading, and right now I just don’t have the time or energy to be able to do that.  So please understand fair readers, I will be offline for a while, but just for a while!  I will be back.  But until then, stay safe, have fun, and fall in love with life … I dare you.


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