About Bella

Okay guys, so we all know I’m not the most technically minded, despite having run a blog for nearly 3 years .. haha sorry guys!

Here’s another try at an ‘About Bella’ post:

Hey and welcome to Bella’s Bits!  This is basically a website I set up at the beginning of 2010 when I had a bit too much to say than Twitter’s 140 characters would let me!  Since then, I’ve written about everything from my opinions, my secrets, ambitions and experiences to travel pieces and reviews of the latest book or movie.  In early 2012 my blog moved further towards being fashion, style and lifestyle based, with posting pictures of what I wear, where they are from and what I’m up to.

I’m currently in my third year university studying Geography, and loving every minute of it.  I live in a flat with 3 friends and have a beautiful boyfriend who I have been with for two years so am in a very happy place right now.  My main interests are cultural based: going out to the cinema, theatre, art galleries, museums, gigs etc. but I sadly don’t have time to do as much as I would like to right now.  Stay tuned for when I graduate, there will be many more cultural/lifestyle based posts :)

Many people dislike blogs, thinking they are up themselves and pretentious.  If you think that then fine, don’t read it!  No nasty comments please.  Here’s my blog as it is, my unedited thoughts, ideas and opinions.  I hope you enjoy it!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day : )

Bella x


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