Halloween Trash Fash

Hey Kids!  Now, I’m not a massive supporter of Halloween.  To be honest, I think the whole pretense is a bit ridiculous.  But despite this, it IS a fantastic opportunity for a cheeky dress up, which we all know how much I love.  So I thought I would share with you some of my fancy dress costumes and outfits over the last couple of years, not just for Halloween .. but any opportunity really!  Here goes:

Can you tell who we are?!  This was actually taken on Saturday, when we had a Halloween House Party at Uni.  Velma on the left, followed by Shaggy and Scooby (who is actually boyfriend .. haha!), Fred and myself as Velma!  The wig, dress, cuff and neck tie were from Ebay at just £20, not bad!  The belt was New Look, the tights I found in TK Maxx and the boots are goodness knows how old from … Shoe Zone!  Aha.  Halloween doesn’t just have to be scary, you can have ALOT of fun with it.


This is me being, believe it or not, Sweeney Todd, although I couldn’t find a picture of me with my massive scissors.  The apron is actually from Ann Summers (!) and I think the fishnets were just Primark.  Top it off with some £1 fake blood and face paint = scary!  I honestly think you could probably be zombiefied/dead/scary in almost anything with some fake blood … so get creative!





This was last Halloween.  The top picture is me being … a devil.  Original right?!  The dress was just £8 from the Primark lingerie section and the horns/tail were cheap too.  The bottom picture shows me  in my devil makeup.  The red eye lashes were about 50pence from a fancy dress shop, coupled with some red lippie .. sorted.

What will you be rocking this Halloween?!



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