Explanation Part 3

It’s happened again.  A new start, a new chapter in my life and blogging has taken a back seat.  I’m sorry blog, and readers.  Since I’ve come back from Berlin I’ve properly moved into my new student house and have begun my third year of University; the important year, the year where EVERYTHING matters.  It’s going okay so far.  Apart from a couple of bouts of being deathly ill, I’m keeping on top of all my work and making time to see and spend time with my friends; I’ve got this work life balance thing pretty down.

So I’m all good.  I’ve got a nasty deadline coming up in the next week but once i’ve finished that, I’m aiming to get back to blogging (again) in the next few days.  Watch this space.  But for now, here’s what I’ve been up to:


  • The drawer shows how super organised I’ve become with my nail polish, jewellry etc.  Stay tuned for a proper tour of my makeup bag and more!
  • All my pretty folders from Paperchase helping me get motivated for work.
  • Models Own Sparkly Green nail polish for Freshers Outings = party mood much?!
  • Two pints at the Uni Campus Pub.  Some things will never change!

Stay tuned kids!


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