Nails 102

Some more nail tips peeps :)

So this is pretty random to be honest.  I started with a mint base colour (but as with any of these, you can use more or less any colour) before adding a red crackle affect polish to half the nail, but diagonally.  Then I used a gold nail art pen to add three dots parallel to the diagonal line before finishing with a clear top coat.  You need a steady hand, but its quite an easy one really and looks really effective.



These are a couple of Union Jack designs I did for the Olympics!  The first one is on my Mum so its a bit better than the bottom one which is on myself.  I started with a blue base (you can’t really mess with the colours on this one!) then did the white criss cross with a nail art pen quite wide.  On top I did the red criss cross with a nail art pen, following the shape of the white one but a bit slimmer so the white can still be seen.  As always, cover with a clear topcoat and voila!


Please excuse the messy mani!  To get rid of the excess nail polish around the edge of your fingers, dip a cotton bud in some nail polish remover and wipe it off around your nails; what I failed to do here!  This is what I call tye-dye nails.  I painted the base of my nails with white nail polish that was from a french manicure kit.  Next I picked 5 or 6 different colour nail polishes and put a different dot of each colour on each nail.  That was supposed to be the end effect, but no, Bella messed it up!  As I put the clear top coat on, because I didn’t let the colours dry properly they messed up and smudged.  I went with it anyway and voila, tye dye nails; not bad at all!




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