No Regrets, Just Cornish Love

So last week boyfriend and I roadtripped to Cornwall for just under a week.  It was absolutely beautiful.  After what was basically a solid month of beer and BBQ, I really needed to get out of the city and feel some fresh sea air.  Armed with N-Dubz Greatest Hits (what more do you need?!) we hit the road and didn’t look back.  Lush.  Snaps and stories.

We stopped over in Bournemouth for the night just to break up the journey a bit.  I hadn’t been for years and boyfriend had never so it was lovely.  We didn’t have very long there but did us incredibly well with a good hotel deal, right on the sea front.  The first picture shows our backpacks for Thailand that we trial runned on this trip.  I coped surprisingly well!  And Noel Edmunds agrees.  We also ate in Harry Ramsden’s!  Not the overpriced restaurant with the gorgeous views, the very well priced cafe section with equally gorgeous views.  Haddock and smoked cheese fishcake ftw.  And beautiful beach huts!  Boyfriend got so angry at me strolling up and down snapping these!  I’ve decided that if I had one, it would be the purple one.

After Bournemouth, we drove the 3/4 hours to Newquay where we spent two nights in a B and B.  And whilst we were there, we had a surf lesson!  Hilarious.  I’ve surfed before, but not for years as had boyfriend but we had a private lesson and at the end we were standing up, so we did very well.  We had a great time going in the numerous pubs and arcades (see pool and dance machine), drinking wine and eating Indian food on the beach (so odd!)  FYI, dance machine/wine outfit:  Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters     Top – Primark     Shorts – Urban Outfitters     Necklace – Amsterdam

And here’s some snaps of some beautiful beaches in both Newquay and Polzeath :)  Gorgeous.

The next week is pretty hectic for me.  A week tomorrow boyfriend and I head off for our month in Thailand so LOTS to do!  Blog soon :)

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