Surf Wishlist

So I’m currently in Cornwall.  Surfing, in Cornwall.  Cue waves of ‘Let’s move to Cornwall!’, ‘I’m gonna bleach my hair!’, ‘Let’s buy a surfboard!’.  At the end of the day I just need to say, Bella, No.  You are not a surfer chick, your boyfriend is not a surfer dude, you are not cool, you cannot surf and you will never be able to do a barrell.  Sad but true.  But the girl can dream.

1)  I don’t really need these Animal trainers.  I don’t even really like these.  But if I had to buy a pair of surfy style shoes, these would be them.  Looking through all the surfy clothes online, I felt like I needed some shoes on a list.  A cute colour, but that’s it.

2)  These are some ‘pants’ from Ripcurl.  They would be great on Summer evenings with a tight cardy and scarf.  Not sure about the shoes though.

3)   I think this Hurley dress is beautiful.  The colours are gorgeous.  What gets me about surfy fashion websites (because before now, I’ve never really explored them)  is the sincere lack of prices.  I”m guessing this would be from £50 to $60.

4)  Another beaut from Hurley.  Just gorgeous patchwork style boardies, perfect with a bikini (rather than a kaftan) for playing frisbee.

5)  A lovely Fat Face jacket.  I think the colour is beautiful, other than the dirt it might pick up.  I hate the dilemma, in summer or winter, in being freezing and wearing a massive coat, walking, sweating, stripping and carrying the massive coat.  Nightmare.  Fingers crossed this would rectify that.

6)  Lovely Ripcurl top.  This is the kind of thing I would buy in XXXXXXXL and wear over a bikini, beaut.

I heart Cornwall.

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