Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful,

A few days ago, I wrote you a letter about how I’d lost you.  How I couldn’t find you anywhere and what it was doing to me.  I’m now ecstatic to say, I found you.  I rang my parents after I wrote to you and nearly cried down the phone.  Whilst other people might not understand, photography is such a huge part of my life and it was killing me not having it.  They were wonderful.  They found a new camera that I could afford for Thailand but I just didn’t feel right about it, I didn’t feel settled.  I lay down on my bed, I didn’t want to think about replacing you.  I’d looked long and hard around my bedroom to find you, but not as long and hard as boyfriend did.  In half an hour he’d found you.  One of my handbags that I keep on top of my wardrobes had a ripped lining from the inside pocket, so when you look inside it, you wouldn’t have been able to see it.  After a feel around and granted, ripping the lining more, boyfriend found you.  I was so happy.  I am so happy.  Reunited at last.  Hello Beautiful, I can’t wait for the new adventures we are yet to have.

All My Love,


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