Dear Camera

Dear Camera,

You are lost, you’ve been lost for a few months now and I’m slowly getting to breaking point.  I don’t want to replace you, but I feel I might have to.  It was a few months ago the morning after a night out that I was uploading photos and laughing about what a great night I’d had, I haven’t seen you since.  I don’t think you’ve been stolen from me, we’ve had burglars before who were very careful to take chargers with laptops and cameras and your charger is still where it always is, on my bookshelf, just waiting to be connected with you.  You’re not on my desk, you’re not in my important box or my man drawer.  You’re not under the bed and you’re not in any of my handbags.  I don’t want to give up, but I might have to.  I’m going travelling for a whole month soon and I won’t function without you, or a replacement of you.  I don’t want to buy a new one of you, I’ve been fine with my phone camera since I’ve lost you and was waiting until I move out of my house to see if I find you then, but now my phone has broken and I have no form of taking photos, and it’s really really hard.  So Camera, I’m sorry but I’m not going to wait for you, I just can’t.  I need a camera.  I need to take photos of things, items I buy, what I’m wearing, the boyfriend doing something cute, what I’m eating, my friends pulling stupid faces; I need to remember those moments forever and ever, and all the while you’re lost and I have no replacement of you, I can’t do that.  You’ve seen so many things.  You’ve seen so many smiles, laughs, crazy things, fun things; you’ve seen so much.  Maybe it’s time for another camera to experience and share my life with me, I’m sorry.  So I’m replacing you camera.  I’m sorry.  Take care, wherever you are.

All My Love,


2 thoughts on “Dear Camera

  1. Hi Gorgeous, so sorry you still cant find your camera, please dont rush into buying one just yet, after your exam next week I can come and help you start packing up if you like (got lots of empty boxes from the office move) and we might find it. You can always use my camera, if you need one for the 02 tomorrow eve let me know and I can come down to the platform when you pass through Woking and give you my camera! love you xx

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