The Day I Was Grumpy

I look like a massive grumpy guts in this picture, I was.  Bella was a bit poorly, thus grumpy.  Even when I’m grumpy I try to wear some colors though to brighten up my mood, alas, here it did not help.

Long Top – New Look     Boob Tube/Bralet – New Look     Watch – Swatch    Hareem Geometric Print Trousers – Florence and Fred     Trainers/Shoes – Keds (Are Keds trainers or shoes?  I’m not really sure)

With this outfit I was basically trying out some Thailand bits and bobs, like the whole top thing I’ve got going on.  Last time I was travelling, bras pretty much became defunct so I’m planning for the same thing to happen again!  Cue lots of strapless bikinis and showing off shoulders, hence what we’ve got going on here.

Anyway, just a quickie.  Hope you’re all well!  I’m off to sleep in an attempt to get better :)


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