Nails 101

These are my bunting nails!  I started with a plain blue base coat (aiming to be like the sky, but meh), then used a white nail art pen (similar to the ones you get for french manicures) to make my bunting shapes.  Finished with adding some purple polka dots but you could add anything here, a clear top coat and voila!

And these are the standard crackle nails.  I stated with a yellow base coat and then added the black crackle coat.  My tip with these though is to paint the brush over your nails in lots of different directions, making it a more crazy geometric effect.

Newsprint nails!  Again start with a plain base coat (white is probably best, but I experimented with these on a trip home and didn’t have my nail set with me) then find some vodka!  I’ve been told that water will probably do the exact same thing, but vodka is more fun, and your nails smell good.  Once your base coat has dried, dip your nails into the vodka then find some newspaper.  With fingers still wet, apply the newspaper pint to your nail and leave for about five seconds.  Be careful when peeling it off.  Leave to dry, clear top coat and boom!

Here is one of my favorites; leopard print nails.  Again start with a plain bottom coat and get a nail pen.  Make leopard like squiggles, top coat and bobs your uncle.  Really quick, but really effective.

Nails 101!

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