Thai Wishlist

For those of you who don’t know .. I’m going to Thailand!  Thailand for a whole freaking month with the boyfriend, backpacking and dissertation researching.  And I am so excited.  I’ve always been on holidays, but I’ve never really done the whole travel thing.  But hello Uni, perfect time right?  So here is my wishlist.  Please someone!

1)  Gorgeous playsuit.  As you all know I am an absolute magpie when it comes to anything colourful, and this playsuit has really light material so will be great in the backpack.  Perfect for throwing on over a bikini or with sandals for all those Hangover style nights out in Bangkok!

2)  Most amazing shirt.  I ummed and ahhed because it’s denim but I thought what the hey, it can get a bit cool in the evenings and this thrown over a lacy body will warm me up.  And make me look super cool.

3)  Just a basic floral hair clip really.  I’m packing absolutely minimalist in terms of hair and beauty so I thought this would be cute to spice up those evenings.  I’m fine with my standard holiday quiffs, but this will add a little pop with a plait.

4)  Make up.  I’m not gonna take anything.  Other than this of course.  Which will be a weird experience when clubbing is involved.  I toyed with the idea of tinted moisturizer and mascara but then thought my holiday skin is actually okay!  Out of everything here, I might actually invest in a couple of these, really bright colours for evenings and all that nightlife.

5)  Now these shorts are cut off levis.  Which SOB, I don’t think they make for someone with as large hips as myself, but oh well.  A girl can dream.  And LOVE the tassles.

Bring.  It.  On.


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