Steps at the O2

Steps.  My childhood love.  My dream was to be able to cook like Claire (kind of LOL looking at her now), dance like Lisa (think I achieved that one) and have dreadlocks like Faye (not yet…).  I wanted to be as funny as H and just wanted to marry Lee.  To see them ten years on, knowing what I now know about them was just insane.

The evening itself was beautiful.  I took the day off Uni to travel up to London with the Ma, to hit the shops (where I bought a BEAUTIFUL maxi dress for two weddings I’m hitting up this summer), eat, drink and laugh.  Eat, drink and laugh we certainly did.  Eat: Cafe Rouge, one of my favourite places to eat in the world.  French food is the bomb.  Drink: Pinot Grigio, in large quantities.  Laugh: at pretty much everything.

Stumbling to our seats a few hours later we were buzzing, on top of the world, not just the O2.  Cue fireworks, lights, dancers, screaming, flashes.  Uh-maz-ing.  Here and Now, One for Sorrow, Tragedy, 5,6,7,8 … the works.  But not only that, they decided to do solos (a perfect opportunity to sprint, and I mean sprint, to the ladies).  Lee did Moves like Jagger; pretty standard I have to say.  Faye, One Night Only from Dreamgirls, actually really good!  H sung Don’t Stop Believing.  Predictably and Autotuned.  Lisa sang her 2000s hit ‘Lately’.  I’m thinking of a nice word for terrible.  And I’m failing.  But Claire, wow.  Just wow.  She sang ‘I Surrender’.  Absolutely beautiful.  She didn’t need any theatrics.  Just her, in a beautiful gold mermaid dress commanding the stage, commanding all 14,000 of us.  Outstanding.  Here’s a recording I found.  If you just listen to ten seconds of it, you will see what I mean.

So in short, amazing.  I came away happy, on top of the world, with a severe lack of voice left.  I know Steps aren’t the band I grew up with, but were they ever?  I’m sticking with yes.  I don’t care about the one night stands or the tour bus catfights or who got fat and who got pregnant (I’ve watched their reality show FAR too much.)   I care that their songs make me happy, make me smile and gave me one of the best nights of my life.  Incredible.


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