The Day I Turned 20

Was yesterday!  So so perfect.  Here’s some snaps and stories:

So we went to Denbies!  As you all know, wine is one of my favorite things so when could we go but to a Wine Estate/Vineyard?!  It was fantastic, we tasted wines, ate gorgeous food, bought beautiful things (well not me, Lent guys, come on) and toured the Vineyard.  Such a beautiful way to spend the day.

Boyfriend wears:  Gillet – Amsterdam  Trackies – Florence and Fred (I’ve trained him well)  Bella wears: Sweater – Marks and Spencer  Gillet – Debenhams  Long Top – River Island  Necklace – Amsterdam  Jeans – TK Maxx  Flip Flops – Havianas

And here is me and my beautiful Mother in the evening, where I had a bit of a gathering.  Nothing special or huge, just good friends, good food and good wine.  What else?  I wear Dress – TK Maxx  Necklace – Denbies Wine Estate  Bracelet – East

Oh and we totally played Pass the Parcel.  With a prize.  And sweets.  And forfeits … obs.

And Spoons was this morning!  A lush lunch to soak up a beautiful evening for some beautiful people.  Happy Easter guys!

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