The Day Jessie J became a Copycat

New purple hair!  Waistcoat: Primark  Dress:  Hollister

Ahh I know right!  It was back in November when I embraced the whole ‘dip dye’ trend, opting for a pink/red color you can see here: (That’s a picture of when it had NEARLY washed out btw, which I expect to happen in about 4 to 5 months … then its new color time!)  So it was just yesterday when I took the plunge and went purple.  The thing is, it was originally supposed to have been dyed last week.  So imagine my shock when Saturday night’s ‘The Voice’ hit our screens.  I WAS LIVID!  Purple hair is my thing!  I’d chosen to have it LONG before Jessie J but NOOOO, because the color didn’t arrive in time everyone will think I was copying her.  Not that I care if people think that.  They should just know that actually, it was Jessie J who copied me.  Ya hear that?  Yeah you did.


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