The Ideal Home Show

So Friday took me somewhere I’ve always wanted to go … The Ideal Home Show at Earl’s Court London.  It was so exciting!  Here’s some snaps and stories:


And Earl’s Court was such a beautiful venue.  I’d never been before.  I’ve been to the Clothes Show Live which is held at the NEC Arena in Birmingham (where Gladiators was filmed, think AWOOGA.  Just saying) but never here.  It was so close as well.  Just a quick 15 minutes up to Clapham and then another 5 minutes then BOOM, West Brompton were there.  Sometimes, I love Woking.

So I’ve wanted to go to the Ideal Home Show for about a year now.  It was this time, about a year ago, that I really got into interiors and designing and how the way an inside space can change the way you feel inside.  So I set about decorating my Uni room to a space that I absolutely love, and hence with me not shutting up about flowers, how much I dislike Scandi design, and my ever increasing love for ottomans and cushions, came a year’s subscription to the Ideal Home magazine from the boyfriend.  Result!

So here’s the inside!  Absolutely amazing.  It has three full show homes, that were actual size houses, a giant swimming pool (well actually I think it was a water feature, but it made me desperate to go for a dip nevertheless) and separate sections of Home, Woman, Gardening, Tradesman and Food (I think ..).  Ironically, seeing as I’m in love with interiors, the Food section was my favorite.  I found everything else a bit overpriced.  And as The Apprentice taught me (not gonna lie, I was half hoping to see the Junior ones filming, trying to flog me something or other), purchases from exhibitions and shows are predominantly impulse buys and myself, being the savvy scrimper I am nowadays, cannot be persuaded by salesmen.  Other than for cheese.

So these are some of my favorite bits and bobs from the show homes.  To be honest, I was a bit disappointed there were only three of them.  I think we all have a secret obsession with looking around other people’s homes (that’s why Ikea is so popular) and all the stalls were a bit dull after seeing into ‘real’ homes.  The third picture down shows a headboard painted onto a wall which I absolutely LOVED. It really irritates me not having a headboard at Uni when reading or watching TV.  I find it really upsets the state of the room as well.  A beautiful headboard can be a great feature, and makes you want to position your bed in the centre of a room, where Feng Shui says it looks best.  So basically if we were allowed paint at Uni, this is what I would paint.  Sorry for the lesson there.  Picture four shows a gorgeous bathroom full of Hollywood starlets and I just like the concept of numbered drawers in the fifth picture.

Top picture is of one of the Masterchef guys, who had a ridiculously overpriced restaurant within the show, which was only carvery.  Hmm.  Second is of some gorgeous toffee vodka.  In the food section, there was so much tasting available.  At 1pm I’d tried toffee vodka, caramel rum and vimto bacardi.  I was loving it!

And here’s what I wore.  Cardigan: Florence and Fred  Scarf: Zara  Necklace: Amsterdam market  Top: New Look  Skirt: Boohoo  Bag: Topshop

In short, it was an incredible day.  Bring on next year!

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