Loughborough 2012

Apologies of my lack of blogging of late, I have been a busy bee!  The weekend took me to Loughborough, where we (the dance squads of the University of Southampton in street (that’s me!), jazz, contemporary and ballet) went to the Uni there and competed against 15 or so other Uni’s for the knowledge of knowing we were the best.  The weekend went a little something like this:

We stayed in a beautiful Hilton hotel up in Loughborough near the East Midlands Airport.  After a four hour road trip consisting of realizing my seat belts don’t work, that Brunton isn’t very good with a full car load and freaking out at people taking pictures thinking they were speed cameras … oh, and getting lost for a full hour, we made it.  I shared a room with my friend Joyce from dance which was lovely.  The Friday afternoon we got there we took a casual dip in the pool, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi the works … absolute bliss.  After attempting a little bit of a work I gave it to the fact I was having a weekend away and just relaxed and for a full two hours for the first time in I don’t know how long, I just sat and did nothing.  Well, I read Glamour, had a few glasses of wine and watched E4, but it felt like nothing.  No freaking out about work, no cleaning my forever messy room, no yelling at the boyfriend for eating in bed.  Just pure relaxation.  Bliss.

So after a few more glasses of wine with the gang, an absolutely beautiful sleep considering it was a 6am wake up, the day of the competition dawned!  The top picture is of the stadium, it was amazing.  I knew Loughborough was a sports uni but this was something else.  It was so American, with music and bleachers and fast food and mexican waves, such a great atmosphere.  The second picture is of our street dance squad, invasion.  I’m on the left.  Before the weekend, I knew everybody, but now I feel like I can consider them to be friends which is lovely.  I can’t wait for all the stuff we’ve yet to accomplish.  The final picture is an action shot, with me on the left.  Not very flattering, but I wanted you all to see what it’s like!

So then came the after party!  Top picture is me on left and my dance buddies Megan and Steph.  (I’m wearing a TK Maxx Lady Gaga style lace top under my competition shirt, Topshop shorts and a Longchamp bag)  Second picture is us out on the town!  I say town, actually their students union, which was amazing!  Loughborough is very much a campus uni, so their union is pretty much the centre to their nightlife.  There were about ten bars, three dance areas etc.  Awesome.  So after downing a few gins it was results time and BOOM, SOUTHAMPTON CAME FIRST!  Only in ballet though.  We didn’t place in anything except third in Jazz (I think) and first in ballet, but wait for it … SOUTHAMPTON BALLET WON THE BEST DANCE OF THE OVERALL COMPETITION!  It was amazing!  Never before have I felt such pride of really feeling and being part of the Uni, it was so great!  I didn’t really mind that we didn’t place.  Yeah we worked super hard, yeah we spent hours training, and yeah I cried over it … but the whole weekend was just so great and performing was so amazing that it didn’t really matter in the end.  Oh, and the last picture just shows you how a dancer’s night out gets.  Standard.

So that was Loughborough.  It was an amazing weekend.  Bring on 2013!


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