What Happened In February

1)  I began selling things on Ebay!  Since being a student, money has become an increasingly important issue … for my lack of it!  The real conundrum is, I genuinely don’t know where it goes.  So enough was enough.  I had to start selling things.  Everything that was in good condition that I could maybe get £3 or £4 (every little helps) for was going on sale.  And voila!  In my first week of doing it I’ve earned £20.  Boom!

2)  Here’s just a cheeky picture of all my housemates and myself at one of our favorite hang outs … Jesters.  Officially deemed ‘The worst night club in Britain’ but we love it.  You get on your glad rags and your shoes that you don’t mind being covered in urine, snakebite and other bodily fluids, do a strawpedo and you’re away.  Seriously, you should come.

3)  Here are some beautiful flowers that the boyfriend got me!  Yellow roses are my all time favorite flowers and for him to waltz in with them one afternoon was beyond cute.  All the love in the world.

4)  Here is a stunning mural I found of a Geisha girl outside a club called ‘Tokyo’.  I just thought it was incredible and decided to take a snap!

5)  From left, Ben, Eimear myself and Jamie on a night out.  Eimear is our new housemate from Ireland whose over on the Erasmus scheme for the semester.  She’s absolutely lovely!  I think living with someone you get to know them pretty quick.  For instance, Eimear sings a lot, puts on a Cockney accent a lot, absolutely loves football and eats very very healthily.  The perfect woman.

6)  Here is myself and Hannah on a night out on two orange vespas!  Please can I have one God of motorcycles?!

7)  Here is a close up of Eimear and myself on a night out.  Absolute dreamboat.

8)  Now.  This is a picture of the boyfriend’s head.  Being the silly man that he is, he fell over on a night out and cracked his head open.  Drama!

9)  Here is a picture of my absolutely terrible nail art!  But I AM trying!  I put these hearts on for Valentines Day, but they look more like blobs.  Hmm.

10)  Lectures.  Standard.

So that’s what happened in February!  What happened in yours?


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