The Sometimes Ridiculous World of Blogging

Whilst I follow some AMAZING blogs, mainly fashion, thrift, culture and lifestyle related, I also follow the odd few obscure ones.  Ones involving beautiful pictures such as this:

Before, I thought these kind of pictures were lovely.  Skewed photography, angling the world through a different Polaroid light BUT, through stumbling upon my new favourite website StumbleUpon (see what I did there?!) I’ve come to realise just how utterly ridiculous some of these photos are.  They portray life in a most unrealistic light, make people look far cooler than they actually are, and highly promote to the Skins lifestyle (which I’ve blogged about before).  So when I stumbled upon these images, I couldn’t help but have a giggle.


THANK YOU whoever edited these for showing the world just how ridiculous these images are!  It’s not beautiful photography, it’s making fourteen year olds think that this is the way that life is supposed to be, that life really is.  Newsflash, it’s not!  One picture is of people hugging, HUGGING.  I hug someone every day, don’t you?!  HOW does Tumblr make people think that this is COOL?!  It’s not, it’s an everyday practice.  I might as well post a picture of me eating, add a lomography touch and some white words and hey presto, I’m suddenly cool.  Only I’m not, I’m a geeky blonde who falls over a lot, like I’m sure a lot of people in the photos are.  Man up yall!



One thought on “The Sometimes Ridiculous World of Blogging

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