So basically, a couple of months ago I bought my first camera a) without my father’s approval and b) that is not digital.  What did I get?  A Lomography Fisheye.  Here it is:

And HERE are some of my favourite photos from it, from my first album I ever had to pay for (so worth it though):

Here’s me with one of my housemates Jan before a night out.  I love that with a Fisheye the edges are black (apologies for not knowing the correct photographic term) and that your face looks a bit bigger.

Here’s myself (centre) and two of my other housemates, Lisa and Hannah.  It was taken on my birthday party, Murder in Las Vegas (hence the drag getup as a showgirl).  You do need a battery for the fisheye’s flash, which is a bit annoying in these days of constant and ever flowing electricity, but so worth it.

Here’s some of us from the partay.  Whilst our student living room looks huge, it’s actually pretty tiny.  I love how the lens spans an entire room whilst fitting everyone in.

The morning after the night before.  It was a fun night.  I love how even if you point the lens at the wrong bit of the shot, it still comes out kinda kooky and cool.  Fisheye rocks.


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