You Flipping Beauty

Ebay that is, a flipping beauty.  Last night I was feeling very mellow and a bit down about my style, and lack of it.  I’m feeling in a bit of a rut, like Uni has left me in a state of jeans, boots, long sleeved tops with jerseys over the top constantly, day in day out.  I want a change!  I want to feel fresh!  I’m annoyed that my wardrobe is SO huge that I only have perhaps a third of it at Uni … and the WRONG third.

So I thought I needed to do something about it.  Urban Outfitters website, yes, that always gives me some inspiration.  And check out these BEAUTYS.  The boyfriend said they were ‘Ugly’ but what do men know?  What does MY man know anyway? These bad boys will look great for work, with jeans, with tights and dresses … the definition of versatility.  But for £95, ugh. Sometimes I really dislike being a student, ONE day I shall afford £95 for beautiful boots.

So I know, Ebay, that will cheer me up.  Search the standard ‘Urban Outfitters’ to see what I can get in the auction (don’t you just love the adrenaline rush?!) and BOOM, HELLO SAID BEAUTIES!  A mere £22.50 later in a wild half an hour of bidding they are MINE.  So EBay, I am out of my temporary style rut, awaiting some fabulous boots that I don’t need to shake up my wardrobe and am back to loving life (particularly the fashion life).  You.  Flipping.  Beauty.


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