Poke Her Face

So last night started off pretty standard.  I’d just finished a hard day’s studying and decided to paint my nails according to the boyfriend talking about ice cream.  ‘Mint choc chip!  Mint choc chip!’ he yelled.  With my nail varnish levels become ever decreasing, mint and camel had to suffice.  It was half way through the evening of chilling out with James Bond’s ‘Casino Royale’ the boyfriend suggested we have a glass of wine.  ‘Perfect!’ thought I, ‘What a splendid evening!’  Unfortunately, James Bond’s influence of poker AND beverage lead to this:

A while ago I purchased a Texas Hold’Em poker set from the charity shop for a mere £3!  Bargain.  Originally intended for my Uni house’s Las Vegas night, the boyfriend and I decided to open it last night.  It was amazing!  Maybe it was the time, or maybe our spirit of choice but we played ruthlessly, fearlessly .. just like they do in the movies (lame perhaps, but we felt cool).  And it was so much fun! Why have I never played poker before?  Why has no one ever taught me?  Well, maybe because I’m a slow blonde .. like a sloe gin but nevertheless, it was great fun!  So our classy evening of wine and James Bond turned into an impromptu poker night, but it was great!  As we speak the boyfriend is practicing, dreaming of being able to quit uni and play online full time to earn millions of dollars.  We’ll see sweetheart, we’ll see.


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