What Happened In January

Okay guys, so I realize I’m a bit late.  But with lectures beginning again in full steam, it’s been a bit hard to blog.  So after a hard week I’m finally having some ME time in my very clean room with beautiful flowers that the boyfriend got me whilst he’s screaming at football and fifa down the pub.  Perfect.  Basically, what I thought I’d do is give you guys a cheeky round up of what’s happened this month :)

So first of all the boyfriend got ill, very ill, which was monumentally rubbish.  Here’s one of the happier shots of him taken in A and E, after perhaps just a two hour wait, rather than sixteen hours …

So whilst he was recovering in London, I took a cheeky weekend out of studying for my exams and headed up to see him.  He was feeling alot better and we thought we ought to make the most of being in Landan Tahn so we headed to the British Museum to visit our inner cultural goddess (well that was my reason anyway).  It was beautiful, we saw original Greek jewelry, lots of Egyptian things and Cleopatra herself!  Definitely worth a cheeky trip up if you fancy some cultural love.

And finally at the end of the month, after all my exam bits and bobs were over, my University of Southampton street dance squad ‘Invasion’ headed to the University of Essex competition ‘Expressions’ to bust our moves where .. WE WON!  Here’s a couple of pictures of us celebrating our victory!

So that was January y’all.  Join Bella’s Bits soon for lots more fun and frolics!


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