Bricks and Bracks

I had SUCH a lush weekend!  To escape the madness of my student house (everybody finishing their exams except me and perhaps one other) it was necessary to trek up to London to see the man where he was staying in his rent’s flat, recovering from the dreaded illness.  I expected to lounge all day in my pjs, watching Dexter and playing Football Manager, not for him to be staggeringly better and be able to head up to Brick Lane for the Sunday market.  It was … interesting.

We were just casually walking along, sticking out like sore thumbs for not being as cool as all the East End kids (I even had my backpack on my front, and yes I was wearing a backpack, Kipling if you must know) when we stumbled upon a vintage pop up market.  Now being a student my bank balance is constantly low, but looking couldn’t harm anybody, could it?  What startled me was how affordable everything was.  Before, I’d only really done vintage shopping in West London, at the Chelsea Vintage Fashion Fair and Notting Hill stores where I had to save up for six months because everything was so pricy, but transfer to East London, we’re talking three vintage tea dresses for £25.

It just baffled me really, the stark contrast in pricing … but also quality.  The boyfriend found a gorgeous vintage Barbour jacket for £5 (or so he thought), however, it was actually just a Marks and Sparks navy puffer jacket … the entire event was a glorified charity shop.  When I think of ‘vintage’ I think of 1940s tea dresses and bespoke jewellry.  I think of ladies shoes that only go up to a size 5 and giant fur coats selling for hundreds of pounds.  This pop up market had none of that, it kind of made me doubt what actually IS vintage … does anybody know?  Is there a solid definition or a trading standard that sellers must go by?  I don’t think so.  I think with hipsters finding it cool to dress old school, rather than appreciating the item, anything goes.  Home made dresses made to look like 60s housewive aprons go for a tenner and three year old Topshop jewellry posing as 30s gold goes for twenty.  Because I’m just not sure if the Great British public know better.  Hmm.  Thoughts anybody?



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