Simple Diary

That’s what it is, simple.  I’ve been keeping a diary since 6th March 2002, that’s more or less every day for ten years.  In case you’re interested, I remember the date because it was my then boyfriend (I was 9 and in love, okay?!) ‘s birthday and I needed to write down how much I lurrrvveedd him on the Year 5 school trip.  Standard.  However, it was only in the summer in the Tate Art Gallery shop that I discovered this little beauty … The Simple Diary:

This bad boy, is the Simple Diary.  It’s flipping amazing.  On days you just can’t really be bothered to write down your life story, what you ate for lunch and who’s digging on who, this little bad boy helps you right out …

You guys are more than capable of reading this for yourself, but I just love the quote ‘Thank you for your time.  It’s all yours.’  Hell yes it is!  As much as I love writing down my thoughts, feelings, emotions, experiences … yada yada yada all the rest of it.  I need to LIVE in order to WRITE.  Thank you Philipp Keel, you are a right ledge.

Hey, I never said I could draw.  I had to flick through quite a few pages before I found one I could publish, bummer the only one with no juicy goss was the one with my rubbish drawings. Aha.  So here’s a cheeky example of La ‘Simple Diary’.  It’s awesome, get one.  Laters!



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