Hope, Faith and Charity Shopping

A lot of the blogs I follow are predominantly about fashion, thriftiness and fun.  I think charity shopping can be all of these things.  You can find a cheeky bit of fashion among the size 18 maxi skirts and men’s shirts, if you’re willing to rummage, look a bit harder.  It’s the way many of my friends feel about TX MAXX, thinking it’s just a giant jumble sale and they can never find anything.  Have a rummage!  (Gosh I love that word, keep saying it, rummage, rummage ..)  So I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite charity shop finds over the last six months or so.  Here goes:

So this beauty cost me just £4.  It looks huge, but it’s basically a glittery gold top complete with … shoulder pads!  It’s a little bit cropped, so will look perfect with high waisted shorts and jeans for a night out.  I’ll probably where it out when my dreaded exams are over, might even blog a picture for you!

Okay, so it kind of looks like a kilt.  It’s not!  It’s a lovely checkered high waisted skirt, that looks fab with tights boots and a waistcoat.  Purchased this bad boy for just £2.50 in Windsor.

This is my favorite Grandad jumper which I purchased in a Carlisle charity shop for about a fiver.  It smelt a little bit odd to say the least at first, so I had to wash it about three times before it was wearable but I love it now!  It’s great just for lounging about and is a definite fav with skinny jeans.

This is a multi coloured skirt I found in Southampton for just £3.  Apologies for the creases!  Now I’ve dug it out of my wardrobe I think I’ll be wearing it to work this week with a black shirt, color pop all the way.

So here are all my purchases!

Hope you enjoyed that brief look into my closet.  Whilst I love the Outfitters of Urban, Topshop and ASOS, you can’t beat the satisfaction of finding an absolute beaut of a bargain in a charity shop.  So have a rummage guys!  Will show you more purchases as they happen.  Have a good day!


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