Happy New Fear

2012 started … well let’s just say a bit rubbish.  After a beautiful Christmas involving a plethora of pinot and parties, the boyfriend got ill.  Dawn Boxing Day, everybody’s feeling a little bit foggy, Andy included.  ‘You’re just hungover!’ said his Dad, I thought maybe a bit of manflu.  What is it with manflu?!  Honestly, Andy seems to get it ALL the time.  It’s a situation you can’t really say ‘Man Up!’ in, kind of defeats the point.  Now I just have to let him roll around in bed being depressed for a couple of days before he feels astonishingly better, and I realise he probably wasn’t ill in the first place.  This was different.

Fast forward a week or two, and I’ve never seen him so ill.  He’s lolling his head about in a fever, not even knowing you were in the room, coughing up blood and violently shaking.  Hello A and E.  Hello chest xray … hello Pneumonia.  That served me right, not exactly a casual dose of manflu.  So to cut a very long story into a readable blog to update you all, he ended up in hospital for a few days, before being back home and on IV antibiotics for a week.  Basically, it’s been one of the most stressful and scary weeks of my life.  Thankfully, he’s well on the way to making a full recovery, it will take a couple of weeks, but hopefully he’ll get there.

I’ve never been more afraid in my life.  The prospect, no matter how slim it was, of losing your best friend, somebody you are in love with was to put it bluntly … flipping terrifying.  It’s just taught me all over again to fall in love with life!  I can’t stress it enough.  Don’t waste another day on facebook on bumming around town, go to the beach, read an amazing book, go out with your friends!  Do something!  Fall in love with life all over again.  Bella’s Bits will be back soon to drum that into you more and more, I’m sure.

Fall In Love ... I dare you.


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