You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve completely rebranded my social networking (bar my Facebook).  ‘Why?’ I hear the distant cries through my speakers.  The answer is simple: Employment.  As I’m getting older I actually have to begin considering the prospect of work, a career and a life and with all of this … comes the curse of the Google.  Googling my name would before come up with my Twitter musings about how much wine I drank last night, and blog images of me posing, trying to look cool.  Now, there is nothing.  Sneaky huh?!

I chose ‘Bella’s Bits’ because it’s kind of become my alter ego.  Think Beyonce’s version of Sacha Fierce (but not quite as bootylicious).  Through radio, I become a new version of myself.  I have a new voice, a more advanced personality … and I’m a hell of a lot more witty (or so people think).  I genuinely just say something quite normal, and the airwaves transform it into sarcasm and wit, quite clever really.  Through Bella’s Bits, I can chat about Uni life without potential employers finding out (well, this is the plan anyway).

With my rebranding of social networking, comes a rebranding of me (it’s 2012 guys, come on!), so I shall aim *AIM* to blog more often, quite often with my new monthly revolutions.  If not to entertain and amuse my readers, but to help me stay on a more focused track through the hectic rollercoaster of university.  So January:

  • Revise!  It feels like there never will be an end to the dreaded January exams, revising is the only way!
  • Plan an absolutely incredible 20th birthday party.
  • Stick to the Dukan Diet (Stay tuned…)

So Happy New Year guys!  And welcome to Bella’s Bits … rebranded.


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